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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Black Cross. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

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  • Dragon Blessing Ritual
    This is a ritual for blessing and consecrating all of your ritual tools.
  • Egyptian-Style Tea Leaf Readings
    This will teach you how to do a reading.
  • Riding The Dragon Ritual
    This ritual is for riding a Chaos Dragon. The main reason for riding a dragon is so that the magician can remove barriers and obstacles, inanimate or animate that impedes forward progress.
  • 2 basic categories of Satanisim
    Two basic categories of Satanism and my own thoughts on some of the info.
  • 7 Aura Layer relations (members only)
    This is a short article that describes the 7 aura layers and where they are found around the body.
  • A Birthday Ritual
    Have a little Birthday Magick.
  • A Centering Meditation (members only)
  • A Chakra Meditation (members only)
    This exercise is very helpful for when you are feeling out of balance. It also helps during times of physical illness.
  • A Chocolate Ritual
    A fun little ritual. :]
  • A Grounding Technique (members only)
    This works great for those times in school or at work when you just can't seem to keep your feet still or relax.
  • A Ritual for the Dark Moon
  • Abacomancy
    Overall info on Abacomancy.
  • Acultomancy (members only)
    This article pertains to the interpretation of needles in Acultomancy as well as a spell used in it.
  • Aeromancy 1 (members only)
    This covers the basic knoledge and history of Aeromancy.
  • Aeromancy 2 (members only)
    This article covers the lore associated with Aeromancy.
  • Ailuromancy
    Overview, history, superstition.
  • Airchmomancy
    Overview and interpretation.
  • Areomancy 3 (members only)
    This article covers the Deities associated with Aeromancy.
  • Attraction Love Charm
  • Aura Layers correspondence
    This article describes the layers meaning in relation to the body.
  • Aura color theories (members only)
    This discusses the theory of color in ones aura.
  • Aura v. true nature
    This article explores theories people have about the aura.
  • Become a real Vampyre Pt 2
    Things to consider if your seeking to follow this path. Do you really know what it is?
  • Becoming a real Vamp FAQ 1
    Random information about becoming a real Vamp.
  • Beginner, ritual creation
    For beginners
  • Bindings (members only)
    Basics of bindings
  • Body Double/Doppelganger/Fetch
    Informational article about Body doubles, bilocation, doppelganger, fetch, double walker, and the astral body.
  • Candle magick
    A simple way for beginners.
  • Casting via Planets Days
    Basic info for beginner casters.
  • Casual Satanism Defined
    This is a short to the point article that defines the general meaning of Casual Satanism.
  • Connecting with the Goddess
    When we honor the Goddess during a current full Moon, we can reunite our energies with the divine source.
  • Creat the Wolf form (members only)
    This is for those wishing to follow the Wolf path and begin to form there astral wolf.
  • Creativity Ritual
    A ritual to boost your creativity skills.
  • Critical thinking Samhain
    Do you know when people are lying to you?
  • Dark Moon Ritual
    The dark moon is a good time to do protective magick and to banish things from your life.
  • Dragons & elements Via Conway
    This is about the path created by Conway which appears to use Dragons as elemental spirits or that's how I view it at this time.
  • Drawing Down the Moon
    This technique is designed to draw upon Luna energy, or astral energy, with which to empower a spell or work Magick. It can also be used for psychic development and meditation. In Strega practice, Drawing down the Moon is not the same thing as invoking the goddess.When we invoke the Goddess upon the High Priestess, we refer to it as "Calling down the Goddess". The first act is connecting with the Moon, while the second act is connecting with the Goddess. The Moon and the Goddess are not the same thing, though admittedly they are difficult to separate.
  • Empathy V Clairsentience
    This is the basic difference of the above.
  • Evil Vampyres
    This article is a critics review of the theory that Vampyres are "evil".
  • Fighting Depression
    Flowers set in vases on a window or throughout a home always changes the mood / atmosphere from one of depression to one of nature, lightness, seduction, relaxation, and more. Below is a small list of flowers that can be used in the home to help fight off depression.
  • Five Fold Kiss (members only)
    Helps to bring a priestess/priest become a high priestess/priest
  • Four Portals Ritual (members only)
    You should use this as a weekly gesture to honor the four elemental Kings, Elements, Portals, or Directions and can be adapted to suit. It is a ritual of acknowledgment of the elementals help we receive each day in order to live, the help they give us in order to work our spells and the hard work they do to keep all living beings and the planet alive. It is a symbolic giving of a little something and to ask nothing in return - a kind of thanks-giving as it were.
  • Full Moon Ritual #1
    This is a very powerful ritual. I have had great results from this. If done correctly, the presence of the Lady can be strongly felt!
  • Full Moon Ritual #2
    A ritual to expel negativity from your life, and draw positive things to you.
  • Full Moon ritual #3
    Solitary Full Moon Ritual The ritual can be performormed indoors as well as out. Try to have a a type of representation of the Full Moon floating in the water, it may be made of white paper or use a white flower, so long as you cannot see its reflection.
  • Gaia Prayer
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses
    The 12 Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece
  • Helping Mother Earth Heal Those in Need (members only)
    For those not skilled in magick and spells, you can lend strength and energy to those in need simply by lighting a green candle and doing the following...
  • Holy water (members only)
    Made by Sarga. How to make holy water
  • How To Find A Mantra That Fits You (members only)
  • How to make our own tarot cards
    Easy how to make Tarot Cards.
  • Hypnoses V. Altered State
    Discussion of altered states.
  • Hypnoses defined
  • Hypnosis Falsehoods (members only)
  • Love/Lust Dicotomy
    This shows a difference between true love and lust which many get confused.
  • Magick Hours
    Best hours in the day for a task.
  • Magickal hours in a day
    This is used to add energy to a spell and connect to the planetary energy thought the day. By overlapping hours and days you can make the most of your magick time.
  • Meditating On Your Mantra (members only)
  • Mirror Magick
    Mirror Magick or glamour magick is a great way to help you (or someone else) deal with a difficult physical issue or the way you perceive yourself. A magick mirror allows you to see your own true inner beauty. You might want to make a magick mirror for someone who has been physically scarred in an accident or mentally abused about their appearance. This is also good for a child who is being teased at school about his or her birth defects. The mirror will allow a person to look beyond the surface and see that, despite any damage he or she may have sustained, that person is still beautiful. To use a magick mirror, look past the physical and emotional scars on the surface, and concentrate on seeing them melt away. Pull to the forefront all the wonderful things about yourself. When you focus on these aspects of yourself, you will enhance them. The more you use your magick mirror the more your inner beauty will shine forth. your inner beauty will start to affect your outward appearance and you till become more and more beautiful all over.
  • Paper puppet magick (members only)
    Describes the basics of Puppet magick using Paper.
  • Prayer Dinner
  • Prayer for childrren
  • Prayer mid summer
    Mid summer prayer
  • Prayer short dinner
    Just another prayer
  • Prayer to Lucifer
    Just a prayer.
  • Protecting Yourself While Working With Witchcraft Magick
  • Real Tantric (sexual) Vampyre
    Do not under any circumstance Pm me with any fluffy or indecent material regarding this topic. Or any other topic I have written about for that matter.
  • Releasing of emotions after abuse.
    Most forms of abuse result in powerful feelings of anger or rage, which must be expressed in a safe, positive fashion if it is not to either destroy you or others. I'd like to present an alternate method of dealing with the anger through a ritual--allowing you to purge the energy safely and then let it go.
  • Releasing the wolf meditation (members only)
    This is for Practitioners that have already begun to walk the wolf path. It was taken from the bible, though I'm sure I altered it, likely quite a bit.
  • Respect and the Wolf Path
    Just another part of the wolf path and I believe I used legacy chronicles as well.
  • Ritual for a break up (members only)
    Helps a break up happen. Who would really want to break up with someone. Thats so sad but if you really wish to do it, then this is the ritual for you.
  • Satanisim Adams 1st wife
    I just couldn't resist re posting my original post.
  • Satanisim defined
    This article is the basic definition of Satanism and part 1 of several sections.
  • Servitor/ thought form creation 1 (members only)
    Part one of two for creation.
  • Servitor/ thought form creation 2 (members only)
  • Servitor/ thought form creation 3 (members only)
    Naming and ritual
  • Servitor/Thought Form Info
    Background information on them.
  • Shadow Magick Theories
    Title is self explanatory.
  • Simple Banishing Technique
  • Simple Wrewolf meditation
    The meditation is of the most basic form for those wishing to follow the Wolf Path. The information was taken from the bible, however I believe I may have altered it more than just putting it in my own words, I don't recall.
  • Solitary Moon Rite
    This rite may be used for either New or Full Moon. The difference is in your meditation and mental attitude in preparation. Remember that the New Moon is a time of outward work and thought, building to the peak which is the Full Moon. At the Full Moon, you should be preparing to lessen the outward flow of energy, bit by bit, until the period before New Moon, during which you are passive, building a pool of energy within you, in preparation for the New Moon.
  • Tarot year spread (members only)
  • Tarot 3 card spread
    Title implies what it is
  • Tarot Fates spread (members only)
    Another spread.
  • Tarot Sister suits Via Standard deck
    The suits that go together.
  • Tarot by number
    How to read tarot or other things using numbers.
  • Tarot deck conversion
    Conversion from Tarot to playing cards.
  • Tarot directional correspondences
    Elemental associations of Tarot.
  • Tarot elemental association
    Implied in title.
  • Tarot spreads
    7 card spread.
  • The Cauldron and It's Uses
    Caution: Please use good judgment, and above all, common sense when working with anything flammable or combustible.
  • The Charge of the Goddess (members only)
  • The Middle Pillar
    An Energy Raising ritual of great power.
  • The Pillars of Shu rite
    A ritual I wrote During an Invocation of Thoth, raises energy and banishies
  • The Use of Color in Magick
    Basics of Magick: The Use of Color in Magick
  • The definition of magic.
    This was a post written by TiredofGaggs. One of our main members and a member of the Higher Magicks coven. I like it and I hope you do too.
  • The mind and Hypnotism (members only)
  • Them/us predator dichotomy
    There is an enormous difference between a spiritual predator and a non spiritual one. The below give a good distinction. I may be the only one that sees it this way, but I believe others should.
  • Third Eye Ritual (members only)
    Perform this ritual three days before the full moon, preferably when the moon is in the sign of Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio.
  • To Overcome Writer's Block
    Exactly what it says.
  • Vamp fact or fake part 3
    Another way to weed out the real from the fluffy.
  • Vampire V. Vampyre
  • Vampire V. Vampyre #2
    This is part of a re make regarding the Spiritual Vampyre path. There is additional info added in this article.
  • Vampyre Realistic view #1
    This is part one of a series debunking some of the statements regarding Vampyre Practitioners. Consider this, the critics review:)
  • Vampyre V. immortality
    The article is written as a critics review based on the theory that Vampyres are physically immortal.
  • Vampyre fact or fake 5
    This is to help distinguish real and imagined.
  • Vampyre fact or fake part 2
    This is part of a series posted to help people understand what they are talking about in the Vamp community and hopefully, learn there actions could be seen as fluff.
  • Vampyre fact or fake part 4
    More ways to determine the validity of information. It's more of a critics review.
  • Vampyre life style
    This group plays vamp.
  • Wearable Potions
  • Werewolf Path Lenvocation
    The below is found within the Wolf Path. The information was taken from the Werewolf bible as well as Legacy Chronicles 2nd edition and I made a few changes when writing it.
  • Werewolf Path Ritual (members only)
    This ritual was created for those wishing to practice the Wolf Path. This contains step by step instruction as taken from the Werewolf Bible, Legacy Chronicles
  • What is an Aura
    This describes what an aura is.
  • Who give hypnotic suggestions? (members only)
  • Why Demon contracts fail
    Useful info relating to demon contracts.
  • Wolf Motto (members only)
    This is a motto used by Practitioners of the wolf path.
  • Wolf Path Cant
    The below is an altered for of a chant found in the Werewolf bible. I did edit it to make it rhyme. I may have also added a thing or two, I don't recall.
  • Wolf Path Magic/k
    Defines the difference for Practitioners of the path.
  • Wolf form postulation meditation (members only)
    This is for Practitioners of the Wolf path. This is for more advanced Practitioners. Taken in part from the werewolf bible.
  • Wolves and Blasphemy (members only)
    Basically stated above, good article though.
  • elemental flow tea ceremony
    a simple tea and meditation ceremony to boost stamina and alertness
  • on the lessor banishing of the pentagram

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