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Spell to send someone a mind message the stronger you are the further the person can be away from you

Casting Instructions for 'Mind Message'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Only a necklace
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Only a necklace

Hold the necklace by the chain with 2 fingers. Talk into the necklace like you would into a phone and say who you would like to send the message to and what the message is. Then the necklace should begin swinging round and round in circles if it does it means its sending the message.


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Does it work?

Jan 04, 2019
It worked for me

Jan 19, 2019
AdrianFox So it works?

May 06, 2021
This is pendulum work. All you need is a string tied to an object [ring, necklace, pocket watch, crystal pendulum] The pendulum will swing in a specific way to give a specific answer. You should get into a relaxed state [meditation, deep breathing, soothing music] rest your arms as comfortably as possible, hold the string and ask the pendulum to ''show me yes'' and the pendulum should swing in one direction. Then ask ''show me no'' and it should swing in the opposite way [you can also make or buy a chart that says yes, no, maybe, unknown in a circle and the pendulum will swing in that way] test it by asking a simple yes/no answer [my eyes are brown, my hair is short] and it should swing yes or no depending on the answer. When you feel comfortable with it, ask it yes or no questions. Two ways it's believed to work is either a spiritual being is connecting with you, or your subconscious/psychic abilities are being called on.


Jan 10, 2019

Feb 07, 2019
hay you need to practice cause spell needs practice before it will work

Imma try this

Feb 21, 2019
Has it worked?

I tryed it and it worked!!

Nov 20, 2019
Can I get proper training, and can you help me? Please

This spell is fake and won't work. Your wrist may be moving the necklace on its own or it could be the air, etc. Your message will not be sent using your mind.

Mar 29, 2019
it worked for me.

Aug 14, 2019
Badaboom you just got owned

Aug 14, 2019
How exactly was CrystalPink ''owned''? She gave a detailed response and Kite basically said ''nuh-uh'' children could come up with a better arguement than that. This ''spell'' is basic pendulum work, pendulums work by tapping into your psychic abilities to answer questions or communicate with spirits [and as CrystalPink mentioned there are logical answers why it would move] it does not send psychic messages to your friends.

If you have tried Pendulum Magick, it should move similar to that. Project your Intent. Remember that is one of the most important keys in magick. If you believe this will not work, then it won't. You are sending your intent out into the Universe, and if it is doubt, etc. Then that is what you will get back in return, and therefore it will not work. This is a wonderful spell, I am going to add it to my spellbook. It worked just as suspected, and my friend was astonished. We love finding spells like this. Thank you The_alpha. :)


Hi will this work to get a message to my son his father wont allow me to see him I just want him to know I'm fighting for him and I love him

Nov 04, 2022
It should work

It worked u have to believe in it

Worked for me

I have the perfect necklace to do this. 💜

I tried this and the necklace began swinging, let's see if the message gets through.

What if you do it and the necklace swings back and forth and then swing side to side?

May 06, 2021
thats what mine was doing and i would also like to know

May 06, 2021
You should begin by asking the pendulum to show you what movements mean yes, no, maybe or unsure as it can be different for people. Personally, if it moved yes, then no, it would be a maybe or an unsure [unsure either means you can't foresee it, or it could easily change depending on your actions]

How long does it take to work?

Do you have to cast a circle before using this spell?

Mar 17, 2020
by the sounds of it, I would say no, you do not have to cast a circle.(a lot of people are saying that this works, although personally I have not tried it)

tonight iam going to try...

Apr 24, 2020
Best luck too you!

Apr 24, 2020
P.S: It probably does not even work, it is not exactly possible to get a message to someone else by just using a necklace. [I do not own any necklaces, so yes...I can not exactly prove that it works, or does not work]. Again, Best of luck to you.

Ha it actually worked

You need to put heart soul and faith into it.. I've cast many spells. Mainly wish and luck but im trying this one in a few.. If people have doubt and negativety about spells than they shouldn't cast them . Even the smallest of doubt could backfire a spell so people play safe

Does the effectiveness of the spell varies with the material used to make the necklace? I read it somewhere that different ypes of metals affect the power of the spell.

Oct 09, 2022
The material of the necklace does not matter if the spell is fake and will not work.

Research how pendulums work. You should first ask the pendulum, or in this case necklace, which directions are yes, no, don't know, and maybe. You should then test it with questions such as ''is my name Tadashi'' or ''do I own an ostrich'' and the pendulum should answer yes and no for those questions. If it does not, you need to practice a little longer before attempting this ''spell'' but it should work with practice.

It worked for me but I didn't use a necklace I made a pengalem out of a 2 food long string from a old pair of shorts and the metal piece from a gecko lamp holder that I pulled off after I sent 4 messages I managed to contact a spirit or something that answered multiple questions

Nov 04, 2022
Be careful this doesn't fall into roleplay. You can't send a message to someone telepathically and claiming you did falls under roleplay. If you're saying the necklace moved, that would be pendulum work and is possible.

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