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Thought I should change some things in this... You can call me Suzy . I'm a 35yr old single mother . I have 2 amazing son's 10 and 3. That r my life.. The most that I can explain myself , my beliefs and the gifts I was given is this. I read minds as though people are speaking out loud , but they say nothing out loud I don't mean to it just sneaks upon me at times.. Also I can see spirits in they're actual human form. I dream of them as they ask me to send messages . it's seldom anymore. I'm slowly gaining belief again , in my gifts. It's sad I've blocked them out for so long.. I've also interacted in others dreams . all of this was by chance Nd I miss my gifts. I'm trying to gain them back.. I believe in magic ,miracles , the power of our father and the goddesses of nature . Earth Air, Fire and Water..
I don't put a name on my religion , I wouldn't even say I'm religious . I'm a free spirit and believe in being me and only me. I love my life my family and myself.. I do believe in the Holy Bible, I believe heaven exsist , I believe in Jesus and I promised my soul to him years ago I love him very much.. I also believe in the goddess of nature. I believe she works with Jesus to keep our faith trust and loyalty in them . I believe she has high power but our father is the highest of all... I do not think it's a sin to preform white magic to protect and to keep faith in the supernatural world of magic. Nd I have faith in myself. I want nothing to do with black magic . I only wanna do good. Not harm.... Thank u for taking the time to read and sorry it's so long.