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This is how I talk to animals tele. MIGHT be hard to start with a very jittery animal.

Casting Instructions for 'Talking to Animals'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Animal
  • Mind
  • Eyes
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Animal
  • Mind
  • Eyes

Try to make eye contact with the animal for at least five seconds.
While doing do invision a link between your minds and your hearts.
Telepathicly call out to the animal. If it is the first time talking to that animal, don't be surprised if it shakes its head, if so try again. It may take time for it to respond.

I don't know if this is just me, but after doing it a few times, and making a bond with the animal, you may be able to talk to it from afar, by thinking about him/her and the name, don't be surprised if it doesn't work though.


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ive always wondered what animals thought....

May 17, 2019
It's an interesting thing to think about. However, telepathy doesn't exist (and animals don't speak any human languages anyway). It works better to just study an animal's body language to learn to better communicate with them.

May 17, 2019
You could look into animal behaviour. I wonder if my pets are happy, so I've researched various ways different animals communicate. My cats not one for cuddles, but depending on how a cat holds it's tail you can tell it's mood [if it's wagging, back away. My cats is always in the air with a little crook to it, so he's a very content kitty] being mindful and present can help a lot, not just connecting with your pet.

I followed the instructions with my cat and I thought hi and she went over to me and started purring and rubbing me. I thought it was a quincedence until tried it again and exact same thing happened.

Sep 01, 2020

Dec 10, 2020
I'm excited to do it with my dog

I tried this with my 2 dogs nd cat also my 4 snakes. WORKS IF YOU BELIVE!! negative comments r not need

it works i just talked to my pet cat

Jun 24, 2020
What did he say? 👁👄👁

I wasn't able to hear my dog but i think she heard me

it clearly worked!!

You will not gain a telepathic link with an animal. You might communicate through observation of body language and creating a bond, but this spells does not work. Furthermore, staring into certain animals eyes can be seen as aggression and cause them to attack you.

Sep 12, 2021
And where's ur proof? the belivers have one...

Sep 12, 2021
Studying the behavour of animals will show staring into their eyes is a sign of aggression and therefore is ill-advised. But, I assume you refer to the telepathy. The lack of evidence counts towards my point. While studying the animals behavour and getting to know them can result in a type of understanding, telepathic abilities such as hearing another's thoughts is not possible. Scientifically and Magikally. While you can strengthen your clairvoyant abilities through practice, a spell will not give you these powers. You need to practice to gain clairvoyance. As for the scientific reason, our brains are not wired to telepathy. I can provide links if you wish for me to mail them. Magikally, telepathy would be honing in on the frequency of the persons energy and their thoughts. It would take a lot of time, energy, and practice that humans energetically speaking do not possess the magikal capacity to do at this time. Magikal beings have different levels of energy, from crystals to Gods. Humans are rather low on the magikal pecking order. You need to remove your ego from that and accept facts. Humans on the physical are at the top of the food chain and many struggle accepting the fact that on a cosmic level, we are the equivalent of a wolf or mountain lion. Sure, we can take stuff down, but there are plenty of things that can still defeat us of they so desire. Telepathy from our magikal genetic standpoint is not viable in our current state. No spell or belief will change that. If you wish to practice telepathy, fine, but at best, you will gain clairvoyance or precognition, not mind reading or moving physical objects. Again, mail me for any further links you desire as sources for my information.

Some people here are saying this doesn’t work, but not only did this work for me, I had a friend teach it to me long before I found this website. Her and her family have practiced witchcraft for awhile, and at the time I was curious but not practicing. A lot of times both of us got the same/similar responses from the same animal, and were able to detect different personalities in different animals. I’m not saying the people who say this can’t work are definitely wrong, but definitely try this!

Feb 03, 2022
I think you need to define ''speaking'' because Dr. Dolittle verbal communication isn't possible in reality. A spell that caused a spiritual connection and deeper understanding of a pet's behaviour, maybe. When people say they can speak with an animal, the default is the human language which isn't possible. Animals do have their own form of language and f you're observant, you can communicate with them. So, what do you mean by talking with animals, because one is plausible, the other would be considered roleplaying.

It worked!! I had to try it a few times, but it works!

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