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This is not a spell, but I hope you read this as it is something to help you about spells and something I consider to be important to remember while casting any spell. This is a friendly monologue by me to you
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • Trust

Casting Instructions for 'Magick and Spell Casting'

Many people (especially on this site) will say that transformation spells are fake, so I'd like to clear things up.
Any spell works, and it's a fact.
I'll be bashed or hated for saying this, but it is true, any spell, transformational or summoning spell, works!

I will quote someone who posted on this site:
''Faith is best tool in magic!
Even those that seem like fake spells can be done with enough faith
Emotions are frquency. We are but spirits having physical experiences. Emotions influence spells so be careful.
Also, visualization is key to compeling any spell''

And it is indeed true.
The best key in spell is ''belief''.
Without belief, spell is no more no less than set of empty words that show nothing.

Also, I'd like quote someone else from this site:
''I just recently learnt that spells are like recipe books - you take what you know from the spell and add what you want, whether it's just change of words, ingredients or methods...''

And also, I will quote someone else who has helped me a lot by this:
''Passion fuels a spell; doubt kills it.

Spell can be performed almost anywhere - though I don't recommend performing them in midst of rush hour. You need to work where you won't be disturbed at all.

Once you've cast a spell, don't talk, nor think about it, for 24 hours. (However, I am not sure how to think of this as some people suggest rather thinking about spell to increase belief).

An old axiom says spells should ryhme. A rhymed spell has joyfullness and ryhtm and is easier to memorize.

Spell is only to control yourself, not others; never cast spell on someone else without their permission''

So what are all these things I quoted?
Well, keys to successful spell casting.

You will hear people say spells don't work, people who don't believe in transformation spells, people who don't believe in magick, but magick exists. People won't agree with me, people will say I am 10-year old who's living in films too much, but I am not.
I know what I am saying.
Magick is belief, and belief is key to all spells you can imagine.

So try following what I said and try casting a spell.
Magick and casting spells is like closing your eyes and throwing yourself, knowing that someone will catch you. That's what it is to cast a spell.
When you fall, you just know spell will not let you hit the ground, but will catch you instead.

Transformation spells, love spells, fantasy spells... it does not matter. Any of them work. They call people who believe in transformation spell fluffies - morons. I just think they don't believe enough.
Oh, and also, I am against love spells.
Because it is never true love.
I am not a love favouriser as I hate romance things, so I can't really talk about this nor give you good advices, so best advice I can give you that love spells are not true love spells.

Anyway, back to my point.
People will say I should stop lying. But I should say same for them. This is not children game, I know what I am writing.
Also, one tip from me.
Please, write your own spell.
Don't say something like ''I can't I suck''
Yes you can! If you really want it, you will be able to put work in it and you will make a successful spell, because it came from you, from your heart. While making a spell, don't you dare think for moment it won't work! Believe with all your heart. Passion fuels spells, doubt kills them.

You can create any kind of spell and you can become what you want. Believe in it. Okay?
Put emotions in the spell. Happiness! Passion! Feel happy as you will become what you want soon, once you make a spell of yours. You can do any other spell, of course, but perfect spell can only be made by us, because we think it is simply... perfect.

Have nice days!

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Yes I love it, I never really have much confidence in myself, or my abilities. Thank you for adding this amazing article. I will try, and I will hope and believe to succeed.

Akashiya, you are wise. This is truth. Magick can do anything with enough energy put into it. You just have to believe, have faith, and trust. I do agree that not many people agree with this. But your power/spells only go as far as your belief. As some people believe that weather working works (so it works for them), others don't, so it doesn't work for them. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I have been waiting for someone to do this. :)

Wow to think for one moment you think magic is ''just a silly child thing'' than come across this site just for rp than your having fun talking to angels or something

Jul 04, 2019
Do NOT reply to this person, it is a scam.

While I know this is going to upset people it has to be said, the reason so many of us are trying to explain magick and telling you it has limitations isn't because we're angry/mean/evil and just want to crush your dreams. People tell you what magick can and cannot do because we've studied and practiced and learned what magick is and we want to help you instead of trying something that doesn't work, get discouraged, and quit. [and I'll admit sometimes we can be harsh but it's because we're human and have breaking points. If you warn people the stove is hot and don't touch it every single day and people keep telling you they believe it's cold, then touch the stove and get burned, you'll eventually snap too] magick is a natural energy that creates natural change. We live on the physical plane therefore magick can only work as long as it's naturally possible in the this physical reality. Humans cannot fly by nature, no spell will ever make it possible for you to grab a broom and fly, however, we've invented planes, and we can project and fly with our astral forms. But, we are physical beings and cannot physically fly because that's the reality of the physical plane. [i could go on but if you still insist on believing it, then research and try it to see for yourself. Just don't come crying to those of use who told you the stove is hot and yell at us for not telling you that you'd get burned]

Mar 21, 2019
This is exactly what she was talking about YOU can't do it because YOU don't think it can be done. Yes we're in the physical plane ,but, that does not mean we can't make a connection with our astral selves that is strong enough to make the impossible possible. like Akashiya sid it's all in the belief we have

Mar 22, 2019
Listen, I've been practicing for 15 years, I've done many spells and done a ton of reasearch and I can assure you it doesn't work. When I started I use to try and control elements and I believed I could. I believed it was a form of advanced magick. I practiced daily for 3 years with no results. In those 3 years I was able to astral project, connect with Dragons, work with Faeries, and cast many spells effectively. After those 3 years I came to the realization magick has physical limitations because this is the physical plane and it's a force of nature. If it's not a physical change, magick cannot do it, disappointing as it may sound, no amount of belief will change the natural laws of the physical plane.

May 23, 2019
I'm glad someone said it neko.

Jun 26, 2019
It worked for me

Jul 26, 2019
About the flying thing. I've flown before (not in a plane, and not feet off the ground, just inches). Don't tell me I was dreaming, because I was awake and walking in my backyard. Don't tell me I imagined it, because I can assure you I didn't just imagine it. It was real. Just because you've studied something for a long period of time doesn't mean that you know everything about it, nor that you're an expert. I personally believe some people are just gifted enough to really do the impossible.

Jul 27, 2019
i don't claim to be an expert, just stating i have studied for a very long time. there are some things we know are facts, such as the earth is round, 2+2=4, gravity is a force that will pull objects to earth. you cannot dispute these things because they are well documented facts [and yet some people still do, and they are wrong, they have a strongly held belief, but are still wrong] our minds are pretty powerful, so your claims of slightly levitating could indeed of been a dream or vivid imagination [you might hate hearing it, but it is a possibility based on science and reality] i will say you might of began astrally projecting but the shock zapped your astral form back into your body [which is why you only floated a few inches] it would also feel very realistic, but you were not physically flying.

Dec 03, 2019
while i agree the education system needs an overhaul, you do need an education, and many do not continue with their education after they leave school [if you want to learn about real magick, you have the internet and you can research and learn for yourself] metaphors are a way to convey information in layman terms. you seem rather arrogant and stubborn, so i know this won't matter, but if you actually studied magick you would know what is and isn't possible with it. magick is not like the movies, many people who work with magick do so as part of their religion and if you think it's frustrating being told ''you can't contradict nature'' repeatedly, trying being the person whose religion is constantly insulted with fake spells followed by people going ''you're just a hater.'' no. we are trying to help because people have come to our religion and don't understand. all you know is pop culture references, and that's not how anything works. [also, all caps is against site rules, so be careful or your account can get gagged]

Apr 26, 2020
That’s not the truth I have been studying magic for years AND that is well some people will know what I am going to say so simply because I can’t on this website even if it doesn’t work for you don’t crush people’s dreams just because you can do the spell no offense I can’t do some spells ether

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!!

This is very inspiring, I always think that I'm not good at magick but reading this has really built my confidence!

This article gives great hope

That's really great advice Thank you!

Things like this bother me. Not because I'm mad at people who believe magick can do anything (though I do find that belief slightly naive--but at the same time, I thought physical vampires existed when I was in middle school, so I can't judge). It bothers me because it gives false hope. I've seen people who are desperate to alleviate gender dysphoria, so they turn to magick, hoping they can shift into the correct sex. I've seen people who have loved ones with severe, chronic illness who hope that magick might be able to give that person a cure. I've seen people struggling with debilitating mental illness who desperately look to magick as a way to eradicate their symptoms. That's why I view misinformation on what spells can do as harmful--it is. I don't think people mean to spread misinformation, but I do think it should be considered more, because it genuinely hurts people in desperate situations.

Feb 15, 2020
Yes..i agree..magick is real but one must understand it is based on natural cosmic laws. Belief is a component of magic but so is common sense you can bend & shape the laws but you cannot break its been said here this is an article to BOOST CONFIDENCE if nothing else..but one MUST remain in the '' territory'' of REALITY..beware of falling into the realm of WILD IMAGININGS & FANTASY..these things can lead to forms of mental illness..along side my occult & magick books i also have books on chemistry herbalism pathophysiology & quantumphysics

Sometimes a spell does not work for me. I wonder if I am putting too much effort in it.

Apr 14, 2019
That could be. It could also be that the spells you are trying to do will not work. However, this is a longer conversation than the discussion section was made for.

I have a lot to say about this ''spell''. Firstly, a minor point but attributing quotes while not stating who, that should be a red flag. Without proper citations others cannot do their own research and discover things themselves. About faith making all things real, while belief enhances spells, it will not veto reality. Magic is a force of nature, it only brings natural change, you may cast a spell to fly and get inspired to create something to make flight possible, what the spell will never do is have you grow wings so you may fly. Humans do not have wings naturally, a spell will not grant you wings. Giving people false hope and telling them you need to believe is akin to telling a child Santa is real and the only reason he did not give you a pony is because you do not believe enough. Furthermore, the notion you need to forget about a spell, some do think it helps, but others view it as motivation or reassurance you will achieve the goal you set for yourself. Once you release the energy it will be set on that path. It is wise not to brag or tell others before it manifests for a number of reasons, such as telling people can cause others to work against you, but your spell did not fail because you thought about it.

I love this!! Although I have not attempted any Happy Spells, this makes me confident in my belief.

im new to this whole thing and i admit i thought this was just a fairy tail website crawling with 5 yr olds but now i think i can really cast spells!!! WOO HOO!!!!????!!!!☆★☆★☆★☆★☆

Even though I know that some of these spells/potions are fake but even some are true what if we were able though to break the physical plane of reality then what would happen even if we are humans what if we were something beside that? also I’m kinda new to this site

He dude like can you like bring proof

Jul 26, 2019
The best proof anyone can give you, is the proof you find on your own. I encourage you to try a spell- any spell (within reason)- and believe in it enough for it to work. Then there's your proof.

Thank you for this :)

thank you so much akashiya i believe in magik and spells but every time i went to a fantasy spell i would look at the comments and see that people said they would not work so i believed them and now i have faith that they will work and i will start trying them again.

Sep 01, 2019
I don't know if you're just easily swayed or desperate for someone to validate your views. Magick is real, but it has limitations. It's a natural energy that brings natural change. Spells tap into this energy and direct it to bring a specific desired change to you. All of this has to work within the laws of nature because this is the physical plane and on the physical plane magick is limited by nature.

Thanks so much,this has given me more confidence

Thanks so much,this has given me more confidence

But some are not true

I love this article. All these people that are saying a lot of spells on this page won't work, they need to believe, use enough energy, and try! I try my spells over and over until I get a result I want. Witches get what they want! ( that line might sound weird anyway) But we have to keep in mind a few spells in the world will not work. Nekoshema has a bit of a point but still using energy and belief is the key. Flying spells probably won't work because of gravity.

Sep 27, 2019
you do have to believe [why would you do something if you didn't?] however, magick does have natural limits [like the flying point you made] the law of attraction, for example, is the belief if you think happy thoughts good things will come your way you want your dream home? spend 15 minutes a day imagining yourself in that house. [how does it feel? what does it look like?] make it as realistic as possible, then go out and work for your goal knowing it will happen. where magick is limited is if it contradicts nature. magick is powerful, and believing in magick and your abilities can add strength to your spell, however, magick is ruled by nature on the physical plane, and no amount of belief will contradict natural law. [that said, magick on different planes of existence work differently. you cannot cast a spell and fly on the physical plane, but you can astrally project and fly]

Great practical advice..but all should keep this in mind: belief is a component of magick but so is common sense..magick is based on natural cosmic can manipulate & bend the law but you can't break the careful not to fall into wild imaginings & fantasies..thats why its important to first ground oneself in the theories that explain the workings of the occult & magicks

thank you so much for this!


You made me believe more now! I have always believed that mermaids are real but it is hard to prove. Belief is the key to anything.

Jun 20, 2020
As many people in the comment section are saying, this ''spell'' is misleading and incorrect. Belief isn't the key to everything, as some things are simply impossible. There are people who work with astral mermaids, but physical mermaids do not exist (hence why it's hard to prove).

I’m new here I’ve only ever done 2 successful spells and I need some guidance so if anyone can help please teach me magic

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