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Feel free to message me if you have any MAGICK OR SPIRITUAL related questions. I am willing to converse, but I ask that you message me on kik if you wish to chat long term or talk of things OTHER than magick. My kik is MourningStarre _______________________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* Who am I? My name is Scott. I am a witch of 10 years. I practice both black and white magick and am interested in learning a variety of topics. While I do have a lot of Occult and Left Hand knowledge, I will be the first to say that I do not know everything- no one does! _______________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* I study many different areas as I mentioned before. Right now these are the ones I am focusing on the most: *Crystal Divination (using tarot, pendulum and other means alongside crystals) *Candle Magick *Necromancy *Demonology *Astral Traveling *Shamanic Healing *Animal Telepathy *Magickal Creatures _______________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************ My pantheon: * Nyx * Erebos * Lucifer * Apollo * Aeolus * Tlaloc * Icarus _______________________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* My supernatural abilities: ~Eyes glow orange at will ~Telekinesis (I am working on improving this, but I can move small weighted objects) ~Hydrokinesis (I started this but have not finished) ~I can manipulate cameras at will. Digital cameras, if I desire it, will turn into swirled color and squiggly lines when people take pictures of me. Cell phones won't do it because of the automatic filter application, but any actual digital camera will. Tested this on cameras aside from my own. ~Can predict death. I can smell it, feel it and know it will happen weeks before it does- or months in the case of my grandmother. I once predicted the death of my cousin. I hadn't talked to him or even thought his name for years. The night that he died I heard his name over and over. I heard that he died of an overdose, but I thought I was crazy. His spirit came to me that night during my nightly shamanic journeying and I snapped out of my trance thinking I was super crazy. The next day my mom called me crying and said he died of an overdose. Hmmpf. ~I have crazy psychic abilities. I dreamt of a tornado hitting half my street and painted a pic of what I saw the next morning. I knew it would happen eventually. That morning, a tornado did hit our street and the image on our news site was identical to the picture i painted and it hit the same exact spot. It was January. In Ohio. ~Oh yeah and I may or may not have two and 3/4 tails ;) _______________________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* FUN FACT: My profile pic is me unfiltered (in my halloween costume of course) but there are no filters whatsoever. That was taken with a Kodak digital camera.