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Name: AvalonRainne
Location: Under the Full Wolf Moon
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Feel free to message me if you have any MAGICK OR SPIRITUAL related questions. I am willing to converse, but I ask that you message me on kik if you wish to chat long term or talk of things OTHER than magick. My kik is MourningStarre _______________________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* Who am I? My name is Ash. I am a witch of 10 years. I practice both black and white magick and am interested in learning a variety of topics. While I do have a lot of Occult and Left Hand knowledge, I will be the first to say that I do not know everything- no one does! :) _______________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************* I study many different areas as I mentioned before. Right now these are the ones I am focusing on the most: *Crystal Divination (using tarot, pendulum and other means alongside crystals) *Candle Magick *Herbal Magick *Necromancy *Demonology *Astral Traveling *Shamanic Healing *Animal Telepathy *Magickal Creatures _______________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************ My pantheon: * Nyx * Erebos * Lucifer * Apollo * Aeolus * Tlaloc * Icarus