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Hey all! My name is Akasha. I have been a magickal practitioner as well as active Pagan since 2012- 7 almost 8 years now!
I am 20 years old, but it never hurts to start young. Among my family and friends I was often complimented on my wisdom, kindness and compassion as well as my spirituality. I guess I just have an otherworldly aura. *shrugs
As for my practice I work solely with death magick. I made a blood pact with Lucifer and Ankou and I have dedicated my life to them since then (December 15 2018).
I do, however, communicate with other deities for guidance and support, though not often.
Aside from death magick, I work with many other forms of spiritual things such as crystals and divination.
So yeah, that's me!
If you ever have questions about anything magick related please feel free to message me. If not related to magick, please stay away. Okay? Mkay.