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I am a 13-year-old male, who everyone in my class thinks is weird and crazy. They think I am crazy for believing in magic. I think and hope in my heart that they are wrong because I would love for the magic to be real, I also think it would be awesome to be a part of this, if it is real I do truly believe. I have seen and read "Harry Potter" along with "Lord of the rings". My inspiration is "Gandalf the Wight" and. My dream though I know is probably impossible would be to shape-shift. To turn into a bird and fly. Or a wolf and run through the woods. If anyone has any real info on this please tell me. I also enjoy "Percy Jackson" with the Greek gods. I actually love all myths. From the "old days". I am Greek, British, Scottish, and Canadien. I live in Ontario Canada. I am against bullying are U? I am always open to questions, and new facts. Please feel to message me I only believe because I have seen scientific proof I am currently studying Elements, weather, and reality shifting.