Incarnation Mutations

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pleasing the spiritual arguments and genetic arguments that plague the nonhuman community
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I've been in the nonhuman community a VERY long time. Longer than most I would believe, and with many disputes rising about being born nonhuman or it being purely spiritual have me in confusion and theorizing about the truth of the matter.

On the side of being born nonhuman, there lies many plot holes and inconsistencies. If you were born a werewolf, then that means your parents would also have to be werewolves, your grandparents, and so on. It would be traceable all the way back to the first werewolf. If it is dominant, then everyone in your family would be a werewolf. If it is recessive, then everyone would have to carry the gene or gene sets. This is a problem, mostly due to how rare even werewolves are, and how if so many people carried it or were werewolves for it to have to "spread", then werewolves would not be rare. Werewolves would be everywhere and everyone would know about them. There is no way a gene expression could go unnoticed throughout history for everyone in one family to be a wolf or wolf carrier and you to be the only "born shifter". Therefore shifting must not be an inherited trait.

On the spiritual side, there are also many inconsistencies. If spirituality is the only key to physically shifting, then why can't everyone who is nonhuman in soul shift? How come the majority of people who attempt to shift fail, despite being mermaid incarnates or wolf therians? Why are so many people able to mentally and phantom shift, but physically they cannot? You could argue they just don't try, but I have met plenty of otherkin and therians who have tried p shifting for years, but they cannot do it. Therefore, shifting must not be a purely spiritual phenomenon either.

I have come up with an answer that appeases both fronts and makes the most sense out of any theory. I call it Incarnation Mutations. 
In this theory, I like to say "If you are meant to be it, you already are it". This may seem confusing, however it makes a lot of sense. If you are meant to be a dragon in this life, then you already are a dragon in this life. If you are meant to be a wolf shifter in this life, then no matter your parents or your heritage, you are already a wolf shifter.

Expanding upon this, i believe that due to fate and destiny, because you are meant to be (insert species here) then your soul mutates your genes and phenotype upon incarnation, bypassing the need for your parents to all be shifters. If you were sent here to be a dragon, then your purpose has mutated your body to be one, regardless of what it had to overcome.

This theory appeases the genetic argument because yes, if your mom was meant to be a wolf and your dad was meant to be a wolf, then you would be a wolf from genetics. But it is also spiritual, because your soul and destiny have influenced your body upon incarnation.


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Otherkin has nothing to do with physical shifting. It's a spiritual belief of having the soul of something else, having reincarnated from it, or having an incredibly strong connection to it. Nobody can physically shift, so there's no reason to have this belief. (To be clear, otherkin is a completely valid identity in my opinion, but physically shifting is made up, and anyone who claims they can do it, otherkin or not, is spreading misinformation.)

You are human. Even if you identify as an otherkin on the physical you are human. The reason you cannot physically shift is because humans cannot do so naturally, no matter what you identify as it goes against physical law. Magic is an energy that is found in nature, it does not create dramatic, instant, physical changes but effects the energy around us to bring a natural change to our lives. If you feel your soul is another creature, it is on a spiritual level, not a physical one. Spiritually and astrally you can shapeshift and transform, but here on the physical plane you cannot because of the restrictions of the restrictions of the plane we live on. Otherkin, as far as I am aware, are not genetic traits like blue eyes, it is spiritual, the spirit that reincarnates was not meant for a human body, in this lifetime, that is what causes the disconnect and the astral form of an animal with the physical form of a human.

Sep 21, 2019
Are you just saying that because you did not try it and have no belief or did you try it and did not work, try it out if you did not do it and believe as much as possible, anything is possible with belief

Sep 21, 2019
Are you just saying that because you did not try it and have no belief or did you try it and did not work, try it out if you did not do it and believe as much as possible, anything is possible with belief

Sep 23, 2019
No, he was explaining the possibilities of magick, its limitations, and real werewolves. You should be grateful he actually explained his stance and tried educating people on magick at all since he normally just leaves a single "won't happen". I assume you're just willfully ignorant and wish to live in fantasy land, so I will remind you this site has a rule against roleplaying. If you wish to actually learn about magick there are plenty of articles and forums to help you on your path

Nov 06, 2019
Does all magick have limitations?

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