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This spell does work! My friend tried it and now he is a Vampire!

Casting Instructions for 'Real Vampire Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Say this only once! Vampires one Vampires all. No more human battles and brawls. Make me a vampire so pale strong fierce and fast. Grant me my great desire at last! I demand you make me one of your kind. Then nothing will be left to find. May I run so fast. May i be so strong. Please grant my wish! Is that so wrong? Make me a vampire! Make me a Vampire! Make me a Vampire! I now crave blood! I now run fast! I know get everything I want at last!

It takes exactly 7 days for this spell to work. On the 7th day you will be a full vampire!

Side effects:
Teeth Hurting
Headaches in the sun
DRY mouth and throat all the time!

I can assure you that the spell will work!


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Will it work

Feb 07, 2019
This is a fake spell, it won't work. Vampires are not real, a spell also cannot change your species or turn you into a mythical creature.

Jun 29, 2022
Try and see if you haven't. I've tried some in the past and I've seen some few things change since then. Maybe it's just not for me

You cannot become a vampire.

Oct 05, 2019
You can. Do you need to jump off the roof to know gravity will drag you down? No. You can read a book, or observe the world around you. Real Magic is a natural energy that effects energy to bring a natural change to ones life. Real Magic does not contradict nature as it is a part of nature. On other planes it will work differently, but we live on the physical plane, and the facts of the physical plane is, if it contradicts natural law, it does not work. You are human. Vampires are not real. Humans cannot will themselves to physically transform. These are facts of the natural world. From this we can conclude no spell claiming to make you a vampire will work. You can work with vampires, you can go to different realities and planes of existence and perhaps be a vampire there, but in our reality on the physical plane it is impossible. It will never happen.

Nov 15, 2021
The bible is not a documentary. It's a story that's been mistranslated and edited to suit the needs of the ruling class. [These changes have been well documented throughout history] Also, while people can push themselves past physical limitations under extreme circumstances [a parent saving a child for example] magick is a natural energy that brings change. Anyone who knows anything about magick will tell you that. Vampires [like the one this spell claims you can become] are astral beings. You work with them similar to spirits or deities. You can't physically become them because they aren't physical beings and again magick is a natural energy that affects energy to bring natural changes. You can dress like a vampire. You can act like a vampire. You can call yourself a vampire, but you will not physically be a vampire told of in legends.

Nov 15, 2021
I see you are a Christian Witch, so do not take this the wrong way, but your holy book is not based in facts. However, I am not here to argue the validity of the bibles claims. As mentioned above, Real Magik that real witches use is a natural energy that brings natural changes to the natural world. We have plenty of fist hand account, scientific evidence, and documentation to back up this fact. Any witch who has the basic understanding of Magik will tell you the exact same thing. Any book on Real Magik will say the same thing. The bible might speak of Moses and the enslavement of his people, but there is very little archeological or historical evidence any of it occurred. You should try reading a book about Real Magik that is not written by several authors and includes mistranslated lines like Exodus 22:18. I suggest The Witches Book of Shadows by Jason Mankey.

Nov 06, 2022
I can not define my abilities and viewing your profile introduction of yourself is very impressive and it maximum matches me. I did not learn anything in a proper manner or through the teacher, manager, or school. (1) Astral projection is my natural way that's why I have no control and do not know the method it always happened suddenly sometime in during sleep. (2) I have a great understanding of srounding and nature. but I want to learn these properly and controllable. can you teach me about or give me a basic lesson for ''Astral Projection'' ? mean I can do it by my wish rather it sudden happen.

Nov 06, 2022

In future, private message me for detailed explanations. This is not an open invitation to email me like a teacher, I do not teach. I am only responding because your question is vaguely related to the topic. There are two major ways one can project; Deep meditation and trance.

First method: Practice meditation daily, become comfortable meditating for longer stretches, then think of projecting. This can be done in a variety of ways, many visualize a way to escape their physical like climbing a robe or walking across a rainbow bridge. Others go with the float, fall or stand method, where you think of floating up, falling down, or standing up, but you do not move you physical. From experience, floating was the easiest, dropping was too much of a shock it brought me back into my physical. Look for guided meditations specifically to help with astral projection.

Second method: Trance, entering into a altered state of reality as a way to be present and one with spirit. This is accomplished a number of ways, the safest legal method would be spiral dancing or walking a labyrinth. Both of these require more space, but you basically loop in circles and get lost in chanting, drumming, or some type of trance music that is designed to help you ''zone out'' and tune into your spiritual mind. In this state, you can step into the astral while dancing, chanting, whatever. There are also religious ceremonies one could participate in, but do your research. These are sacred and should be preformed by actual spiritual leaders and not someone in a costume charging 50$ to sit in a sauna. One final way to attain trance is through psychedelics and plants used to alter perception. I am not indorcing the use of them. I am certainly not advocating you purchase illegal substances, and certainly avoid if you are underage. However, it is a method some use and there are legitimate Magik users who will use cannabis, psilocybin and other plants to make spiritual journeys and communications easier.

Use whatever method works best for you, but do your research before attempting. Some methods might sound cool but you will learn the history and discover something is part of a closed practice, or a method is dangerous. You might even discover a method few have heard of. Be aware and be safe.

This spell is fake yes it is .., but there are such things as vampires. They are energy drainers . People who drain Or feed off other people’s chakra or psychic energy. The types people think of in story books is myths

Apr 17, 2020
Nobody is saying psi vampires aren't real. This spell claims you can become a Dracula vampire, which isn't real. [that's what we're talking about]

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