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Tested by 5 people. Including me. Worked for all five. If it doesnt work for you, mail me, and I will make you another one.

Casting Instructions for 'Tried and Tested Vamp Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Full Moon (optional, but recommended)
  • -Outside (Also optional)
  • -Alone (Required)
  • -Dark (Its night. Its gonna be dark.)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Full Moon (optional, but recommended)
  • -Outside (Also optional)
  • -Alone (Required)
  • -Dark (Its night. Its gonna be dark.)
Say this just once.

Goddess Nyx, hear my cry.
Make me a child of Night.
A vampyre is what I wish to be.
Grant this wish Nyx, so mote it be.

Like I said, me and 4 others have tried it, and it worked every time.

You will know if it works if a few minutes later you feel moderate to severe nausea *not sure why yet* and about an hour to an hour and a half later your whole body tingles.

Then in the morning, the sun will feel hotter to you. Thats how you know the spell worked.

Must have belief also. Wont work if you dont trust the spell.


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I just said the spell and I'm pretty sure it'll work

Apr 19, 2019
It didn't. You are human. You cannot be a vampire.

I am going to try this spell tonight. I hope it works

Jun 25, 2019
A vampire spell like this won't ever work, vampires in this way do not exist, and we cannot transform our species or physical form with magick.

You cannot become a vampire.

Jun 29, 2022
Why please?

Jun 30, 2022
As I and many others have stated time and time again, Real Magik is not the same as the fantasy magic you see in popular culture. Real Magik that Real Witches cast in reality is a neutral energy. This energy on the physical plane is ruled by nature. It brings natural changes to our world. This natural energy does not defy nature on the physical plane. When we cast spells, we are tapping into this energy, which we call Magik (also spelled magick, majik, majick) to bring a natural change towards us. This energy only effects energy on the physical. It does not change physical objects/beings. You wish to cast a love spell? You are charging the energy around you to vibrate the same as the energy around the other person, thus attracting them to you. You wish to lose weight? You are charging the energy around you to attract things to you to help motivate you to achieve your goal. Such as loved ones who will support you, advertisements for affordable exercise classes, coupons for healthy meal programs. It will draw the desire to you. It will not transform your physical body because your physical body is not energy. It is solid. You were born human. You can tell yourself as much as you want that you are really a fish, but you will never be a fish. People with gender dysmorphia know they are meant to be a different gender, but no matter how deeply they know it to be true, they need medical intervention to change their physical. A spell would help by making the process easier with finding a doctor, healing, and passing, but it would not give them the body they were meant to have over night. This is the reality of Magik. Anyone who knows anything about Real Magik will tell you it is an energy that brings change by charging the energy around you to attract or repel what you hope the achieve. Anyone who says otherwise either has not studied Real Magik, or is trying to scam you. I suggest you do your research by reading books by reputable authors. Before you tell me why you cannot, you have Google, you can enter a book store and spend the day reading the books. You have a Library where you can do the same thing. You can buy books and hide them at your friends house. There is plenty of social media options to teach you. This website has a forum to help. It has articles. It has groups. While the ranking system on this site is flawed, we have members with ranks to inform you of their knowledge. If you insist on listening to the random strangers on the internet, the ones which are most likely aware of Real Magik would be the ones with ranks. The people who claim this works are unranked, with blank profiles and/or have not been on this site in months. The people informing you these spells are not real are established, knowledgeable members of this site, some of whom teach on other websites. You are actively choosing the false information because it supports your bias. The information you seek, specifically why you cannot become a vampire, is easily found on this site, but it does not support your belief. Go to the site forums. In the General Info and Other Spell Discussion sections, you will find pinned threads by some of the sites wisest users explaining The Basics. One of which is titled ''Nope, No Vampires'' and is posted by an elder of Wicca and one of the sites top users.

I haven't tried it yet

Apr 06, 2020
But i'll try it

If the spell worked for five people including the person that posted it then no one should discourage anyone from trying it out

Jun 30, 2022
Here's the thing people don't realize about the internet, people lie. Anyone can claim anything. Everyone saying it worked is lying because they either want to sound special or want to troll people. The people who are saying this spell is fake is because we know magick can't turn you into a vampire so we're trying to help people not waste time on something that won't work for them. We're not trying to discourage anyone, we're trying to help people learn magick. [look up any reputable author in witchcraft and they will say the exact same thing. Google what is magick. Go to YouTube and look for reputable channels on witchcraft] Magick is a natural energy that brings natural change. On the physical, it's ruled by nature and any spell that contradicts nature won't work because it defies natural law. I wish I could do some of these cool-looking spells we see in movies, but the reality is, that's not how magick works. The magick real-life witches cast are to bring subtle changes to life.

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