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Name: SpyroDragon
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Hey there I'm Felix.
I have been practicing magic for at least eight to six years, and I like to share my experience and knowledge. I practice the magics and other skills that are listed below:
* Convex / Dragon Convexity Magic.
* Enchantments and Enchanting Marks, Symbols and Runes.
* Glyphs, Runes, Sigil and Circle creation (ps: I also take requests for free, and there are also some in the Photos tab of my profile;)
* Cures, Antidotes, both herbal, and magic.
* Hurt Spells.
* Banishing Spells.
* Binding Spells.
* Defense, Protection and Warding Spells.
* Summoning and Conjuring Spells.
* Energy Spells.
* Elemental Magic. (All elements included, so not just the five base elements!)
* Dragon Spells.
* Cleansing.
* Energy manipulation.
* Reiki.
* Energy Infusing techniques.
If you need any info on how to do magic, then I hope to hear from you soon, Have a nice day/night and blessed be.