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by Darkbelmont

When all the chakra's are whirling, lit up or open, bright and clean, then our chakra system is balanced. When a chakra becomes blocked, damaged, or muddied with residual energy, or plaque then our physical and emotional health can be affected. This can occur as the result of negative or incomplete belief systems. The effects of our habits, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and desires can be found in our chakra. The way we eat and exercise how we deal with our emotions will be imprinted on our energy bodies.Cleansing our charka's, therefore, is very beneficial for body, mind, and spirit. It helps the auras energy to stay as pure as possible and can increase intuitive ability. I do this at least once a week to help raise my vibrations and eliminate any "plaque" that accumulates from negative thoughts and energies. Here, I can give you a nice method for cleaning which I had found and it's very effective.

Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it for about four seconds.Exhale slowly through your mouth. Now, do this again slowly. Completely relax. Slowly release all the tension in your body, see it flowing down through your feet into mother earth to be transformed. Visualize or feel a round and transparent ball, colored in a beautiful shade of ruby red, floating inside your body near the base of your spine. This is your "root chakra" the center of your strength and individuality.

Mentally look at or sense the ball. Notice if it has any areas of darkness. These are energy imbalances, and you can immediately wash them away by simply intending the ball to be perfectly clean. Hold the image of your beautifully transparent, ruby red ball in your mind and see it illuminated from the inside with powerful, pure white light. This is the universal light of God, of all power, love and knowing.

Inhale deeply through your nose, and watch or feel how your breath increases the intensity of white light inside the red sphere.
Continue breathing in and out deeply to fan the intensity of the white light inside the red ball, until it is perfectly clean and transparent.

Next, move your attention upward about three inches until you see or feel a beautiful, orange glass ball floating within you.
This is your "sacral chakra, " the regulator of your physical desires. Scan the ball for any areas of darkness. Breathe in deeply to fan the white light within the chakras core to wash away all darkness instantly until the ball is perfectly transparent, like orange glass.

Now, concentrate on the area immediately behind your navel. See or sense a beautiful, clear yellow ball within you, shining like a little sun. This is your "solar plexus chakra," the area affected by your beliefs concerning power and control. Check to see if there are any opaque or dark areas on your solar plexus. If there are, breathe in deeply until the chakra becomes a brilliant light yellow color and is perfectly transparent, like a sparkling ball of yellow glass.

Now, move your attention to your heart region. Visualize or feel a gorgeous, green glass ball in your chest. This is your "heart chakra," the center of your loving energy. Scan the heart chakra for any shades of darkness, and then deeply breathe them away with white light. Fully illuminate the heart chakra from within and feel it expand in your chest with warmth and good energy.
Keep breathing until the green ball is perfectly transparent and spotless.

Next, concentrate on your throat in the Adam's apple area. See or feel a ball in a beautiful shade of light blue. This is your "throat chakra, " the center regulating the clarity of all your communications. Mentally scan the throat chakra, looking for or feeling for dark areas. Take a deep breath and watch it Illuminate the chakra from the inside, making the light grow brighter and brighter until it ignites into a white ball of light in the chakras center. The white rays completely cleanse the blue ball. See and feel the ball as perfectly transparent, with no spots or dark areas.

Then, move your attention to the area between your two eyes, without forcing yourself in any way, gently notice a round or oval ball between your two eyes. This is your "third eye chakra." Allow the image of the chakra to become clearer and clearer. Notice its coloring as shades of dark blue mixed with some purple and white. As the image becomes clearer, you may notice that you are looking at an eyelid. If you don't see an oval or an eye-shaped object, then breathe deeply and keep cleaning the chakra with white light until the image becomes clear. Once you get a glimpse of the third eye, notice whether it is open or shut. If it is shut, ask it to open and make eye contact with you. Allow the third eye to communicate any loving messages it may have for you.

When you are ready, place your attention on the inside of the top of your head. This is your "crown chakra," the area that gives you access to universal wisdom. Feel or see this chakra as a deep violet or purple glass ball. Using your deepest breathing, clean the crown chakra with white light until it is pristine.

The goal is a strong, clear, balanced energy system. The more open, clear and balanced the chakra, the more energy can flow through your system. This energy is essential for vitality, health, and continued spiritual growth.

Once I began doing this regularly I soon learned that it makes a big difference to how I feel. You will notice that you will feel more relaxed, clearer of focus and alive.

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