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Name: SyrenaHeart
Location: Vidalia, Georgia
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Oceans of love to you, My name is Serena. My Instagram~ SerenaMermaidVampire I am 25 years old. I Am married. i am a classy beautiful woman that believes in girl code, super cute kitties, I believe music will change or unite the world someday when i become a famous singer and i am a hybrid, witch, mermaid,succubus and vampire. unique but true. it all runs in my family well separate family member until i came along.first hybrid among my family.I am very powerful. I am born with 43 powers exactly once i classify my powers down to the last name and meaning. aside from magic, i am an inspiring and professional online voice actress and singer i plan on uniting the world one day through my music and i am depending on my ability to sing in nine different languages to mend the broken bond between people. my personality?hmm i am super kind and sweet but also sassy and love to add salt on the sugar lol.i am complex i love to smile and laugh i am very comforting and empathetic upon others I'm super loyal and very mature i'm a super loyal friend and i sometimes get attached to people very easily i'm kind of sensitive only when something is worth being sensitive about,and if a friend does wrong to me i am simply not afraid to kick them to the curb and of course walk on my own.i've been through almost everything negative but I've turned it into a positive to inspire the world and i am also a hopeless romantic. everything has to be about love with me. love is the most powerful magic of all.i love mermaids of course because i am one, i love cartoons only classics like 90s toons and 80's toons. well with that being said I'm surprised you read so far! I'm extremely talkative and friendly so if you would like to contact me please do! you can totally reach me on instagram or youtube as well. i love meeting new friends especially if you live near Vidalia Georgia usa please pm me it'll be awesome meeting you and have tons of laughter and fun! Lastly, I am not a roleplayer or even know how to roleplay in the first place. I am being myself 24/7 for the rest of my life .. if you don't believe me then don't act like you know me and my everyday life. no one is making you read my profile. I can't be anyone else but myself so I'm sorry if i don't meet your approval. who are you to tell me what i am and what i am not? you have no power over me and you do not control me nor know me so before you give me rude comments or judge me think twice and let it be. no one is making you stay among my profile. thank you MOVIES/SHOWS: H2o just add water, mako mermaids, queen of the damned, aquamarine, splash, pirates of the caribbean movies, mermaids 2005, charmed, the craft. DISLIKES: liars, betrayers, people who are too scared to say things to my face, fake friends, friends that love me but hate me at the same time they claim that they love me yet they still hurt me at the same time. people who are judgemental, people who are annoying, people who act like know it alls when it comes to magic, people who underestimate me. people who treat me different after knowing what supernatural i am.many number of things i dislike Put this on your profile if you agree: God and Satan are dead now get over it I'm on my own side