Defense Spells

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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Defense Spells

These spells, being part of the Spiritual Spells, make up some of the most powerful spells in the spell book. Generally these defense spells will defend the target of the spell from both good and evil spells and spirits.

Very rarely do these spells backfire with any negative effects. Rather, if they fail there is no effect at all.

To help prevent spells from failing it is best if the exact ingredients are used and the greatest care taken to ensure that the spells are cast correctly.

More Free Defense Spells

Protecton Spell
Psi Item
Purify and Protect a Room
Returning A Hex
Safty Spell
Seven Candle Money
Simple Memory Erase
Simple Revenge Spell
Spinica Cloaking
Spiritual Cleanse
The Challan Charm
To Protect You While You Sleep
To Slow Down a Situation
Triple Circle Casting
Binding Spell
Blessing a St Michael medal
Cast A Protective Circle
Dagda Area Protection
Drive away Evil
Get Rid of Unwanted Guests
Gods and Goddess Plea
Happy Spell
Healing and Protection
Home Cleansing
House Blessing Spell
Lucky stone
Medium protection spell
Protection Spell
Protective necklace
Quick Protection Chant
Sheilding your Book of Shadows
Soul Release
Spell to Protect an Object
Spiritual Protection Oil
Thick Air
To Break a Spell or Curse
Universal Protection Spell
Witch's Bottle
Druidic Death Hex
Tree of Rowan Charm
4 Thieves Vinegar
A Chant For General Protection
A reversal spell
A Witch At The Stake
Against black magic
All Demon Defense
Amaterasu's Protection Spell
Animal Follower Spell
Appealing Reveal
Armor of Power
Aura Weapons
Banish a Succubus
Banish Lucifer
Banish Presence Spell
Banish ZRosach
Banishing Bad Energy
Banishment Spell
Basic Protection Spell
Become Unnoticeable
Binding souls
Black Magic Protection
Black Salt
Blessing for Beginners
Block a door
Block an Attack
Blue Rings Protection Chant
Bomb Spell
Breaking a Curse.
Call the Angels
Calling the light
Candle blessing
Candle of Death
Candle Protection
cast Storm flesh
Cat curse spell
Cating a Circle
Charge a Wand
Charm a Protective Necklace
Cleanse Yourself Of Nightmares
Cloaking Shield
Concentration Spell
Conjuring spell
Control the wind (easy)
Counter a Hex/Curse
Curse Breaker
Daily Protection
Darkness Spell I
Death from Lilith
Defend Me From The Evil
Demon Banishing Spell
Demon Killer
Demon Send Away Spell
Demonic Shadow Manipulaton
Diffuse Shield
Divine Banishing spell
Divine Shield
Don't get a Strike Spell
Door Fire
Double barrier Of protection
Dragon Defense Spell
Dragon Guardian Finder
Dragon summoner
Dragon's Blessing
Druid Sheild
Earth Storm
Element Armor
Emergency Protection Spell
Energy Poisoning
Epiphanic Charm
Evening chant to the Goddess
Evil Ward
Eye of the Dragon
Feel others minds
Fire Pretection
Flame of death
Flaming Ki Ball
Flower power
Freeze Spell
Get Rid of a Bully
Gimthenadite Speed
Gossip Banishing
Guardian Angel Spell
Harleen's Hex Antidotes
Hecate's Promise
Herbal Protection Bath
House protection
How to get Powers
Hypnotic Protection
Immortal Bow
Incense Protection
Karma Spell
Kill yourself in afterlife
Lesser Ward Spell
Lion protection charm
Magic Weapon Defence
Make a Power Ring
Mirror Armor
Moon Blessing
Name Protection
Normal Ward Spell
Object Binding
Peaceful Home Protection Spell
Phoenix Protection
Power spell
Powerful banishing spell
Prayer for emotional healing
Protect Children Spell
Protect yourself from harm
Protection Amulet
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection from entity
Protection From Someone
Protection in the Snow
Protection Potion
Protection Spell
Protection spell
Protection spell
Protection Spell
Protection stone
Protector Summon
Psionic Shield
Quitting Powder
Rebound Spell
Remove a death curse
Remove Evil From A Object
Revenge Spell
Revenge Spell
Reverse a spell
Rid of horror
Ring of Protection
Safety Spell
Satanic Prayer of Thanks
Satans Temple Satanic Prayer
Secure a door
Serpent's wrath
Shadow Ball
Shadow Field spell
Sheilds up spell
Shielding Techniques
Sight of the Eagles
Simple Home Protection Spell
Simple Protection Charm
Simple strengthening spell.
Slap in the Face Spell
Smarter Spell
Speed Spell
Spell to protect an object
Spirit Eye
Spiteful Demon of Torment.
Stomach Ache!
Stone of Protection
Stop an evil spell
Stopping Slander and Gossip
Summon Your Angel(Easier)
Superior Fire Spell
Temporary Strenghth
The Beer Bath
The Crucio Curse
The Knights Protection
The Warning Spell
Thorny-Rose Charm
To banish a demon
To Destroy Darkness
To Freeze Somebody
To Give You Every Power
To Kill A Person
To make Spells Work Better
To Send Away Unwanted Spirits
To Summon The Fae Queen
Tree of Protection
Vampire Spell
Vanish Negativity
Vengeance Spells
Viking Protection Prayer
Ward off evil
Warning Spell
Weak Defensive Barrier
Werewolf spell.
White Candle Protection Ritual
Wizard spell
Zip Away
Amulet of Good Luck, Happiness, Stress Relief, and Wisdom.
Getting rig of bad luck and memories
Prayer of the Satanic warrior. Satanic Prayer
Quick Spell to Return Negativity
Sparkle's Christian Wicca Banishing Spell
To Bind Someone From Doing Harm To You.
Trap someone in a mirror (Latin)
Herbal Protection Gris-Gris Bag
Recipe-Hoodoo Protection Powder
To Reverse Spells Cast with Candle Magick
A Powerful Curse Breaking/Protection Spell
Aid of Abaddon (from wiccans lost book )
All purpose spell,(vajra guru mantra)
Be cursed free from illuminati
Besom Chant To Get Rid Of Negative energy
Binding a harmful person mirror and salt spell
Bring the worst out of somewon by usagi
Candle Spell To Banish Negative Energies Or Spirits
Conjuring the strong blowing winds
Emergency and Easiest Banishing (get rid of) Enemies Spell.
Heaven's Thunder and Hell's Fire
How to conjure weapons and minions in dreamscape
Incantation to Black Unwarranted Influence
My evil eye spell the jettatore
Poweful Curse Breaking/Protection Spell
Protection From Negative Energies Pouch
Removing bad and evil energy from room or house or property
Simple Cleansing/Protection Spell
Spell to Rid Oneself of a Bothersome Spirit
STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (spell)
Super Snow Storm Convergence Spell
The Most Powerful Fire Protection Spell
To break the powers of a spell (against you)
To destroy those with stolen power
To protect oneself from a stalker
To Shorten a Night-Goer On This Side
dream protection spell
mirror spell
forget me
9 protection spells
anti spirt circle
barrier of string
be carm
break a spell or curse spell
curse for revenge
darknes be come
demon banishing spell
door protection spell
energy battle magic
find your self
fire conjuring
flu be gone
form protection spell
get rid of demons
golem servitors hybrid
magic book blessing
no sorrow no pain
protection and peace spell
protection incantation
protection spell
protection spell
psychic shield
see in the night
shadow garden
spirit repell spell
the gaurdian charm
to become a satonist.
wall of wind
zeus protection spell
healing spell/get rid of curse/or banisment
use when cursed by an unknown person
christen evil spirit protection spell
protection from a specific threat
sword talent of the god flarion
Protector Candle
Psychic Protection Bag
Remove A Spell Done on You
Ritual of Disenchantment
Seal of protection
Shield Of Valor
Simple Protective circle
Soul Cleansing Spell
Spirits no more
Super speed spell
Thorn Circle
To reverse a spell
Trap an evil spirit
Truth Syrum: for Enemies
Basic Pryokineis
Blast your Enemy Away from You
Bubble Shield
Chi Ball
Dark Curse
Fast Protection Spell
Godly nightmare protection
Guardian Spell
Harming Spell
Holy bubble
Homemade Revange Spell
Jewish protection spell
Living Elemental
Make Consecrated Water
Phoenix shield
Protection Ring Spell
Protective Arms
Psychic Protection Bath
Reversal of a simple Hex
Shut Up Spell
Spell for Calmness
Spirit Medicine Ritual
Summon a Cat Familiar
To Banish a Shadow
To summon a energy shield
White Magic Karma
Druidic Anti-Curse
Mermory loss in latin
*Summon a Fire Wolf*
Shang Protection Charm
A Circle Of Protection
A webs protection
Acoda's Curse Breaker
Against rowdy spell
Amaris shield.
An Easy Psi Ball
Anti-Hex Spell
Archangel Michael Prayer
Attack with Moonlight
Averting the Evil Eye
Banish Holy
Banish Negativity
Banish spirit
Banishing an Evil Spirit
Banishment Spell
Basic protection
Bastard Cedar Hex-breaker
Bedtime Barrier
Binding Spell
Black Magic Protection
Blessed salt
Blessing Your Favourite Object
Block a Door
Blow Someone Away
Blue Sheild
Book of Shadows Blessing
Call of the Moondragon
Call Your Dragon Gaurdian
Calling Upon Tyr
Candle Light
Candle Pentagram
Candle Protection Spell
Casting Pentacle Wards
Cat Like Sense & Reflexes
Chains Lockem
Charm a Protective Necklace
Charm Against Evil Spirits
Cleansing a Room
Cloning Spell
Confusion Oil
Cord Banishing Spell
Countering a Hex
Curse an enemy/person you hate
Curse Breaker
Dark Circle
Day of Anarchy
Death Spell
Decie Shield
Defense/Heath Potion
Demon Be Gone
Demon send away spell
Destroy a Succubus
Divide An Object
Divine Protection
Don't Come to Class to Day
Door Creating Spell
Door Protection/Shield
Draconic curse II
Dragon Blood
Dragon Fist
Dragon power
Dragon's armor
Dragon's Scales
Draw Wicca Closer
Earth protection
Egyptian Mummy Protection
Elemental Curse
Energy Blade
Energy Potion Spell
Essence of a Guardian
Evil Dismeberant
Extreme Revenge
Familair ThoughtForm
Fears Image
Find your Guardian Animal
Fire Shielding Spells
Flame Song
Flip Reversal
Force-Bubble Shield
Freedom From Pain
Get a water tiger companion
Get rid of a horrible Person
Good Grades
Grounding Technique
Guardian Shrine
Harm the Enemy
Help Chant
Home Protection Spell
House Protection Spell
How to make hoodoo item
Hypnotize Someone!!
Incapacitation Ash
Intuition Spell
Justice Spell
Kekkaishi spell
Latin Wind Spell
Living shield spell.
Magick Circle Casting
Marshmallow Shield
Mirror Binding
My Embrace
Nightmare Fog Shield
Nyx's Protection
Peaceful Home Potion
Pheonix Power Unbound
Potion to break a Curse/Hex
Power-up any Element Spell
Powerful Protection Chant
Protect a friend
Protect Your Home
Protecting a home
Protection against evil beings
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
protection for an EVIL spirit
Protection From Ghosts
Protection from Spirits
Protection of Fire
Protection Potion and Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection spell by Carmen211
Protective Wolves
Psi shield
Quick Shielding Spell
Rage Spell
Recipe-War Water
Remove a Pyschic Vampire
Return to Sender
Revenge Spell
Reverse a Candle Curse
Reversing Curse, Spell
Rid weaknesses
Sacred Blade
Salt Protection Circle
Satanic Ritual Before Sleep
Scarecrow charm
Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw
Shadows Take Me
Shield of fire
Shielding Spells
Shut up Spell
Sime fireball
Simple Protection
Simple Protection Spell
Skittles Potion
Sleep herb
Sommon spirit guide
Spell for pain protection
Spirit Element Protect
Spirit Spell
Sservitors Wall
Stone Blessing
Stop a fire
Stop Slipping On Snow And Ice
Stops all spells
Summon Black Mary (risky)
Summons Saint Micheal's Sword
Sush your parents
The anifornum
The Binding Spell
The Higher Banishing Spell
The Monad Of Possession
Thorn Banishing Ward
Tiki Sumoning
To break a harmful spell
To disempower a witch
To Freeze Someone
To Improve your Hearing
To know if neighbor is a witch
To remove a spoiling
To Spell a Stone
To Warn Against Negativity
Vanish a entety
Veil of Shadows
Video game sprirt inchantment
Wall of Fire
Warning Spell
Water Protection Spell
Werewolf Spell
Werewolf Transformation
Win yourself a court case
Wrath of Mithra
'Door Protection/Shield Spell
Banish Evil Spirts and Negitive Energies
Prayer for the Satanic Leader. Satanic Prayer
Protect A Loved One - Enchantment
Reverse Crossed Conditions Spell
Spell to Rid yourself of a Bothersome Spirit
To Stop someone from Doing Harm
Ancient Chakra Balancing Meditation
How to Make a Protective Amulet
To bind a mortal from doing harm
A Christian, Catholic, Prodistent, Luthrine, ect. Protection Spell
A Spell For The Archangel, Michael's Protection
All four elements protection spell
Artemis Goddess Powerful Protection Spell.
Beginners Scarlet Fire Protection
Bestow Upon me Satan. Satanic Prayer
Binding someone from doing harm to others
Calling For An Angel's Protection
Cherry blossom Protection Spell
Demon Banishing/Destroy/Protection
Harnessing your Demi-god Powers
House blessing the Satanist/Luciferian Way
How to make your opponents spell backfire
Incompressible Shield of Valiance
Nightfall Prayer to the Goddess
Prayer to Protect From the Evils of a Witchboard
Protection While Walking Alone at Night
Seven knobbed candle spell for overcoming enemies
Spell To Banish An Evil Before You
Spell to Take Away Protection From Ring
Summon the great archangel Michael
The Ancient Cherokee Protection Spell
The rights of a Seeker of the Pagan Path
To Change someone Hampster or any thing Else
To prevent from biting and barking
To rid Oneself of a Psychic Vampire
Turn a stone/small Object into a Weapon
instant karma spell
break the powers of a spell
protection spell
angel wing protection
ashels summoning
basic bubble shield
blood stop magick
cloning spell
dark spell
demon armor
doll of protection
dragons sight
fakirism meditation
fire breather
flame song,
force mind trik spell
get away from me
get rid of unwanted entity
how to break a love spell
magic black cord binding spell
night vision
powerful fireblade
protection from the goddess
protection incense
protection spell
protective chant
rid of evil spirts
sense intentions
shadow whisper
strength of the coconut
to absorb powers
to summon god
wind smack
candle spell against psychic attack
spell to clean a room from negative energy
banish or protect yourself from an entity
naruto shippuden character spell
protection from negative energy


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