Peaceful Home Potion

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Yellow Candle
  • 1 Red Candle
  • 1 Drop of Rain of Silver
  • Half a glass of water
  • A Wand
  • An Athame (Optional)
  • Salt
  • Large Crystal Glass

This spell surrounds your home's land with a charm of protection. The charm will block any small illness, intruder or any person meaning harm. But becareful, there is always an exception to the rule, anything can happen. This spell should be done every six months.

Casting Instructions for 'Peaceful Home Potion'

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Fill the crystal glass with half a cup of water, the water can be from the tap. Sprinkle some salt on the water and drop one single drop of Rain of Silver on the water. Before lighting the candles, wave your wand and/or athame over the candles while saying:

"With this flame, the energy of protection and defense will pass to the water."

After you finish saying the words, light the candle and say:

"Holy flame, please pass your energy to the water, fill it with protection and peace."

Now take the water and sprinkle it around your property. If you live in a large property, you may use a bigger glass and more water.

After you finish the potion, put out the candles.

I cast this spell and it has worked for me, I hope it works for you.


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