Cleansing of Vajrasattva

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Faith
  • -Picture or statue of Vajrasattva(though you can simply imagine him)

Vajrasattva is a Buddhist bodhisattva who will purify you. He is merciful and will cleanse you of all evil and protect you. When he is angry, he will become his powerful wrathful form, Vajrapani. He is only wrathful to evil and will destroy it. This spell will show the Hundred Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva and show his mantras when only in peaceful form. This will provide you to be cured of curses and black magic and purify you of evil. This is also to cure you as well.

Casting Instructions for 'Cleansing of Vajrasattva'

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Go in prayer form and close your eyes. Chant the hundred syllable mantra of Vajrasattva as many times as you want while thinking of Vajrasattva which goes as:
"Om Vajrasattva Samaya. Manupalaya Vajrasattva. Tenopa tishtha dridho me bhawa. Sutokhayo me bhawa. Anurakto me bhawa. Sarwa siddhi me prayaccha. Sarwa Karma su tsa me. Tsittam shreyang kuru hung. Ha ha ha ha ho Bhagawan sarwa Tathagata. Vajra me munca. Vajri bhawa. Maha Samayasattva ah."
Then for at least 108 times or more while thinking of Vajrasattva, chant:
"Om Benza Satto Hung"
"Om Vajrasattva Hum"
You shall be cleansed of evil and black magic and you will be protected. If you chant his mantra anytime while thinking of him, he will protect you and help you at any time of need. DO NOT use this for selfish purposes.

This article was contributed by Dongho

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