Wrathful Protection of Yamantaka

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Faith
  • -Picture or statue of Yamantaka
  • -Incense(optional)

Yamantaka is the wrathful form of the wise bodhisattva Manjushri. When Yama, the lord of death threatened the world, Yamantaka appeared to defeat death. Yamantaka can take in the form of Yama Dharmaraja or Vajrabhairava. Yamantaka is a one of the 8 Dharmapalas of Buddhism and is a very powerful protector since he can destroy death. This mantra of his will protect you from evil, death, black magic, harm, and many other things. It will also punish your enemies after heavy devotion to Yamantaka.

Casting Instructions for 'Wrathful Protection of Yamantaka'

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Light the incense if you have any. Go into prayer position and close your eyes while thinking of Yamantaka. Chant for at least 3 times the hundred syllable mantra of Yamantaka which goes as:
"Om Yamantaka samaya manu palaya Yamantaka tenopa titra drido mebhawa. Suto kayo mebhawa supo khayo mebhawa anu rakto mebhawa sarva siddhi mentra yatsa sarwa karma sutsame tshitam shiri ya. Guru hung ha ha ha ha ho bhagawan yamantaka mame muntsa Yamantaka bhawa maha samaya sato ah hum phat."
Then bow down respectfully. After that, chant his mantra for one mala(108 times) or more:
"Om Yamantaka hum phat"
Then bow down respectfully again. You must make a prayer to him for thanking him of protecting Buddhism and the dharma. Also, ask him to protect you. Anytime you say his mantras while thinking of him, he will protect you and crush your enemies after deep devotion.

This article was contributed by Dongho

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