Armor of Power

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Focus
  • Spiritual energy and powerful aura
  • Control over both
  • Multiple tries on first time

Protect yourself as well as increase your stamina strength and will. Note this is protection in a spiritual sense not from actual physical danger.

Casting Instructions for 'Armor of Power'

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Ok focus your energy around your body chant protect me Emet protect me soul protect me energy never let go. Cross you your first two fingers on each hand over one another. Your right hand fingers should be on top. Focus the energy you have accumulated at the point above where those fingers meet. Compact it till you can't any longer and releases your energy around you. Shape it to any form you like.

The second part of this spell is to increase strength and stamina. To do this clench your hand and flow all your remaining energy into your blood you do NOT need to cut yourself for this to work. Say allow this power to become thine own and remain here. Pick a phrase to activate your new abilities this can be anything you want mine is power of the veins activate

This will take time and practice so be patient note when you say your phrase you will discharge no new power so you can still cast more spells and add them to this energy in your veins so that you can have them on stand by if you will.

This article was contributed by redgoust

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