Marshmallow Shield

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Mind

The Marshmallow Shield is a thick, gooey, and sticky type of shield. Its primary purpose is to absorb attacks and hold them there for later. It can be programmed to de-patternize the simple attack or just spit it back out.

Casting Instructions for 'Marshmallow Shield'

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One downfall (for me) is that it takes some time to construct properly. The visualization is simple, but it just requires a lot of energy. Basically, you want to picture a thick (probably at least one foot) wall of goo. Use semi-melted marshmallows for visualization. If you construct it in layers (which I do sometimes, to make it easier), youll want to make sure the layers melt into each other completely - they can be a pain and separate on their own sometimes. You might want to put some Bubble Shields on the outside and inside of it if youre making it really gooey. It should hold its own shape for some time, but it might require some maintenance depending on how you make it. As I stated above - it can take a while to make, even if you are somewhat skilled. Its not particularly good at handling sharp objects, but its not meant to be used as the only line of defense. Combine it with other defensive shields to provide better protection. After its made it can be repaired somewhat easily, so you can keep it up for long periods of time. One shield that can be combined well with the Marshmallow Shield is the Force-Bubble Shield. It takes longer to construct, but provides some of the best protection.


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