Witch's Bottle

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A large glass jar (reuse a pickle jar, a mason jar, etc)
  • Urine (your own)
  • Vinegar
  • Rusty nails (coffin nails or railroad spikes if available)
  • Broken glass pieces
  • Broken mirror pieces
  • Your own blood
  • Graveyard dirt (from the grave of a law enforcement officer if possible, if not, then any graveyard dirt will work)
  • Shovel
  • A place at the North-East corner of your property to bury the jar

For protection of yourself, your home, and your loved ones.

Casting Instructions for 'Witch's Bottle'

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Collect your urine. The best way to do this is to urinate first thing in the morning (this is when the urine is most pure) into a disposable cup. Gather other ingredients wherever you plan to do put the jar together.

Firstly, pour the urine into the jar. Secondly, pour about a cup to two cups of vinegar in the jar. Thirdly, add a drop of your blood. Fourthly, add the rest of the items (broken glass, broken mirror, rusty nails, graveyard dirt).

On a dark moon go to the furthest North-East corner of your property. Dig a hole deep enough that the bottle will not be disturbed. Place the bottle in the hole and cover it up. Throughout this time, make sure no one sees you doing this, as that will make the Witchs Bottle unable to work.

Leave the bottle for as long as you reside there. When you move, be sure to dig the bottle up, and smash it in a river or stream to undo the magic. Make a new one for the next place you live.

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