A Christian, Catholic, Prodistent, Luthrine, ect. Protection Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice
  • a crucifix (if you want one. It works stronger if you have one)
  • a rosary(or if you are luthrine, you can use one crucifuxes necklace with either jesus on it or an angel)
  • Consintration
  • Belief in God
  • a picture of the person(s) or the person(s) there to cast this charm
  • A white candle or white flashlight to see what you are doing
  • happy thoughts

Protect you and you beloved ones from the harm of evil spirites, black magic, and from all evil. Works only when you are scared or when you feel evil near you.

Casting Instructions for 'A Christian, Catholic, Prodistent, Luthrine, ect. Protection Spell'

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Go out side at night. Sit in a quiet area in you back or front yard. Take the crucifuxes and put them text to you to feel safe whilst casting this charm. Put the rosary around your neck.If others are there with you, they, too, must need a rosary around their neck.(luthrines wear wear the crucifux necklace) If you use a picture, put the crucifux and rosary (crusifux necklace for luthrines) by their picture. Be sure to put the crucifux necklace if the person in the picture is luthrine.

Put your hands up as if you are saying the prayer God gave us(The Our Father) whilst chanting,
"Dear God, The Father almighty,
Protect me and all those I hold dear
so that danger cannot come near.
Save us from the nightly shadows
and sheild us with happy medows.
Protect us from those in the black
so we can keep all that they lack.
God, my lord, your light is love.
Please send us the Holy Spirite from above
so that we feel the wormth of all kindness
and heed not any of the darkeness.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirite, Amen (must do motions to the sign of the cross)."


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