Triple Circle Casting

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Strong Intention/Will
  • Visualization
  • Concentration

With three being a common number in Witchcraft, this helps strengthen the circle by casting it three times. It is also said to magnify the spells strength.

Casting Instructions for 'Triple Circle Casting'

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Start at the North Quarter. Point either your athame, wand, or index finger toward the ground. As you visualize a golden electricity coming from your tool of choice, chant this moving deosil (clockwise):

(Recite as you walk the first time around the circle)
"In this place, this circle round
I consecrate the sacred ground
with golden light this space surround
all power here contained and bound"

(Recite as you walk the second time around the circle)
"From earth, the things that manifest
from air, the things of mind
from fire, the things that motivate
from water, the souls refined"

(Recite as you walk the third time around the circle)
"And yet no place or time there be
between the worlds, my word, and me
welcome, Ancient Ones and see
this place is sealed, so mote it be!"

End back at the North Quarter. It is good to take your tool and point it upward and say, "As Above", then point it to the ground and say, "So Below". Then visualize the circle as sealed and feel the energy protecting you.

This spell is originally written by "Lady MorningStar". I did not write this, for it belongs to her.


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