House Blessing

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bells
  • 2 light blue candles
  • Ritual oil
  • 1 large quartz crystal
  • Several pieces of onyx or obsidian
  • 2 pieces of rose quartz
  • Rosemary
  • Salt water
  • More than one person

pretty simple spell though you do need to know how to cast a circle

Casting Instructions for 'House Blessing'

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There are 3 steps: cleansing, blessing, and sealing (protection)
Assemble your group and attune, but do not cast the circle right away.
Begin at the heart of the house, proceed deosil through every room and level, ringing the bells and asperging with salt water.
At the heart , attune again; then go through again, this time with the candles, and sprinkle rosemary in every room.
You may sing or chant a blessing ryme, such as
"Goddess bless this house below,
Horned God bless this house above;
Keep it safe by night and day,
Fill it with Their power and love"
The return to the heart, attune, and cast the circle.
Seated with linked hands, chant wordlessly (or use "om")and with a swelling, powerful circle of sound, expand the magic until it encloses all of the house and grounds.
Then proceed one last time, with ritual oil and stones.
The large crystal stays at the heart of the house.
The onyx or obsidian is placed over each door.
The 2 rose quartz are placed on either side of the main entrance.


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