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These are 3 ways to find out what your Guardian Animal is. I know the first one works because that is what I did.

Casting Instructions for 'Find your Guardian Animal'

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3 ways-

1. Think of either the animal you are most like or the animal you feel most attached to. Picture it in full detail- especially the color. It does not have to be a logical color- your GA might be a purple tiger, but if you have to think about it all "Hmm, I want a rainbow unicorn, or maybe a neon pink goldfish" then it is obviously not your GA. Also, it can be a "fantasy" creature, my GA is a purple dragon. Think of a name- usually the first to pop into your head, unless the word is "fart" or "crap " because those names should be changed, that is usually it. Yay! You did it! Oh, and if you dream about your GA that night, that is good, but if you don't that doesn't mean it didn't work.

2. This way is a bit easier for some people, but not all. Just think- have you ever repeatedly met a certain creature in a dream with a name you know? For example, let's say you always have a dream about a tiger named Jade. Does she protect you? If yes, then the animal is probably your GA. If its an animal you fear and always kills you in the dream, keep looking.

3. Meditate. If you can slip into the astral plane or fall asleep, do so. But first, just think that you need to find your GA, and it needs you more than anything. When you fall asleep/ fall into the astral plane, search for it. The one you find is probably it.

Good luck! Message me if it worked or if you have questions. :)


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