Control an Element

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle (red for fire, blue for water, white for air, green for earth)
  • A sample (another red candle for fire, glass of water, incence for air, dirt for earth)
  • Concentration
  • Quietness
  • Your hands
  • Darkness (Important)

Spell to control an element of your choice. I tried it and it works!

Casting Instructions for 'Control an Element'

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Light your candle, or candles if you are doing fire. Sit in front of the candle(s). Put your sample behind the candle, or if you have dirt, sprinkle it around the candle. Make sure to be in a room filled with COMPLETE darkness. Meditate until you find yourself in a state of complete concentration. Should take about 3-8 minutes, 10 at most. Once you are in that state, chant the following 5x:

Gods and Goddesses, Give me the power to feel, To love, and to control This element of your wonderful planet. As you are chanting this, imagine yourself in a room with nothing but your candle, and imagine your chosen element slowly rising out of the ground, and into your hand. As you imagine this, play with the element, move it around and connect with it. Once you have finished the chant, imagine the rest of your element being absorbed into your hand. You are now finished. Put out the candle, put everything away, and go to sleep. You should be able to control the element by the next morning.


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