lion transformation original

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • lion figurine
  • milk
  • meat
  • light blue candle
  • red candle
  • grass
  • something that resembles a lions blood
  • voice
  • dark very dim room

this will turn you into my speicies (im part lion) this will help you when you need but if this does not work do not blame me or the lion spirits. it depends if the person doing the spell is capable of shifting into a wild cat or even animals. i will post a werelion ritual.

Casting Instructions for 'lion transformation original'

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this spell is more of a ritual i will post a ritual to help aid casts of my spells sence mine can be tough to work at times. lions are a big animal to become on the totum. to warn you read this before doing this if you cannot handle pain this is not for you there is no such thing as a "painless shift."


light the candle let them burn for at least a minute
you need to be alone for this i forgot to include it in the ingredients
use the grass put the red candle on the left and the light blue candle on the right put the grass in the middle. chant 4-12 times for best results "lions of the pride"
then close your eyes and chant this

"lions of the pride hold me into the form."

wait 2 months if not working try again if you have any questions ask me on my mail. thank you for your time

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