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Casting Instructions for 'Aerokinesis'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Go outside. Stand in the middle of your yard and close your eyes. Spread your arms out and take slow, calm breaths.

Think of a gust of wind come out of you whenever you exhale, and back in when you inhale. Concentrate on the amount of wind you want. If you feel gusts of wind whenever you exhale, you are doing the ritual correctly.


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Will it really work or you are just messing around

May 08, 2019
This is fake. Magick doesn't work this way.

Feb 27, 2020
Rhododendron, I have seen you spoil so many spells and I think you should try it before just saying it doesn’t work and stopping us from trying it. Just saying, not looking for an argument

Feb 27, 2020
1. Rhododendron has been offline for months so there's no point in attacking them. 2. They're telling the truth, it doesn't matter if they tried or not, magick doesn't contradict nature.

Jun 01, 2020
Well, it wouldn't actually be contradicting nature, your just manipulating energy. Everything is energy.

Jun 01, 2020
True, you can use magick to influence the air element, but this would contradict nature as it claims you would gain air powers as if you were an airbender and could control it, which you can't. You can charge enough energy and cause wind [that would be a weather spell] but you can't summon blasts of air to knock people over at will.

Without seeming rude Nekoshema, you could be wrong. Energy manipulation varie from person. I manipulate energy by using my emotions and on whatmakes me feel that way, so who's to say that we couldn't summon a strong wind when we're angry? Not everyone is the same. Nekoshema, I think you of all people would know that magick styes are different

Dec 15, 2020
I sort of agree with Nekoshema. I've noticed that when I want, the wind seems to sort of respond to my thoughts (when I want it to go up in speed, it does. Same with going down in speed). You can manipulate the wind in small bouts of energy, but only after a lot of practice (years and years of practice), will you be able to summon winds strong enough to move a pile of leaves at once, let alone knock people off their feet

Dec 15, 2020
Weather manipulation is a debated topic in the Pagan community. Can you summon wind like we see in shows like Avatar? No. However, you can work with the air element and our energy could effect the wind in small ways. You cannot shoot blasts of wind from your hands, but with practice, you might be able to raise and calm the wind. Do not expect grandiose changes, and a spell will not grant you this ability. Personally, I choose not to concern myself with matters such as controlling weather and other natural forces since nature has a handle on it, I do not wish to muck it up.

you know, you could grow wings if you were a matter elemental. a strong one at that who can manipulate matter and bend it to its own will. so technically, yes, growing wings is possible, but you must fit the requirements and must be powerful enough to do it.

Dec 24, 2020
This spell has nothing to do with wings. It is a breathing technique to connect with air. That said, you cannot grow physical wings, it would defy natural law, which Real Magic does not do. Humans are not matter elementals who can shapeshift at will. Elementals are the purest embodiments of the element, people are not elementals. No amount of spiritual power will let you grow physical wings. Look into astral projection if you desire wings, but they will not be physical either.

It might work for someone who is connected with the air element, but you cannot control the wind in grandiose ways.

Iv been doing this since I was 7 not knowing what I was doing or what it was. The reason some people can’t do it is that’s not your ability try something else

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