Third Eye Opening

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This spell will open your third eye.

Casting Instructions for 'Third Eye Opening'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Small Crystal
  • Find your Third Eye Location
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Small Crystal
  • Find your Third Eye Location


"Alfy layla wa layla
Alfy layla wa layla...
By the moon, on Arabian nights,
By the silence of ancient sites,
By the secrets of arcane rites,
By the flicker of candle lights...
Ifta, ya simsim!
Open sesame!"

"Open my third eye, open my mind's eye,
Release my sixth sense.
Help me to see the unseen.
Let me Be as I have never been."

  "Let me See as I have never seen.
Open my third eye, open my mind's eye,
Open my Self to understanding.
afly layla wa layla
afly layla wa layla...
By the power of moonlight,
By the power of clear sight,
Ifta ya simsim!
Open sesame!"

You should begin to feel your third eye's power.


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I have a headache now idk if it worked

Apr 12, 2020
Energy is pooling there. Balance out your other chakras so the energy flows.

Aug 05, 2020
SeleneSoleil how do I know when my chakras are balanced

Aug 27, 2020

I tried. I feel like it may have worked but I'm not 100% sure. Fingers crossed.

What kind of crystals tho

May 11, 2020
I would go with a crystal with psychic energy [purple ones are typically for psychic abilities. Amethyst is perfect for the third eye and psychic abilities]

Oct 29, 2023
I personally would say not to do this because forcing open your third eye could really harm you and cause you to literally go insane I would recommend working at it until the divine thinks that you are ready

Oct 29, 2023
Nobody's advocating forcing your third eye open. There are multiple ways to open/balance a chakra [crystals and chanting are two methods] and one method might not work for everyone. Also, we don't know if someone is hyperfixating on opening one specific chakra and forgoing the rest, or if they've been working up the 7 main chakras and spending time focusing on that one. Each chakra can be opened by particular activities, colours, crystals, foods, movements, scents and/or sounds. Some choose to combine them [chanting with a crystal placed on the chakra. The chanting would open it while the crystal would absorb any blocks or negative energy] You're correct only balancing one or forcing one open can backfire and do damage, you don't need divine intervention to balance it [yes, some work with deities and some call on deities for guidance with a chakra, but it isn't the only way or ''true'' way or whatever. Just another method like the ones listed above]

i feel like my head is hurting

I don't have the crystal! Will this work without the crystal?

Feb 16, 2022
Crystals with a similar vibration can help open the chakra but aren't required. You should balance all of your chakras because focusing on only one creates an imbalance and can backfire on you. That said, visualize a purple light or purple crystal [pearl, fruit, cloth, flower whatever] where your third eye chakra is located. Visualize it being dirty and you clean it so it begins to glow the radiant purple light. If you wish to say the chant you can but tones balance your chakra better than saying ''balance my chakra'' [the sound is ''aum'' in case you wish to use that instead]

You should begin with the root and work your way up to the third eye. You will cause an imbalance in your energy if you pick random chakras. Chanting and sound cleansing can help your chakra. In theory, placing a crystal that corresponds with the third eye on your chakra, meditating as you allow the crystals energy cleanse your chakra, then saying this script might help some. There are plenty of other methods that have been proven effective. I would simply chant ''aum'' as I meditated with the crystal. If this works for you, use it.

Oct 29, 2023
I would have to say you are wrong on choosing chakras. You can actually harness a certain chakra to amplify a certain element that is connected to that certain chakra and especially using the meridians.

Oct 29, 2023
While one can indeed sometimes connect to one certain chakra to draw on what it represents and has an influence over, Tadashi is correct when it comes to the idea of expanding or otherwise working to enhance or grow their potential.

Throwing open your crown, focusing entirely on spiritual attention and growth while neglecting the other chakras would be like building the roof of a house without any walls or foundation. Sure you might have a very nice, fancy roof but it would just be sitting on the ground. The same goes for other chakras; The third eye might provide intuition and observation but then what? You see, but what can you do with it? You purify and expand the throat, learning to express and .anifest but how do you use it wisely and in a any that doesn't become self-destructive? What about the heart? Love without control or boundaries becomes blind and abused. Solar plexus can become directionless energy without focus or efficiency. Groin can become obsession and addiction. Root, selfishness and disconnection.

The chakras and other facets of our incorporial Selves are a -system-. They work together, interconnect, and have influence over eachother along with ourselves. And it is easy to see the results in the people around you. Reflected in all those extremists in society loudly pushing for one thing or another. Survivalist touting the need to live off-grid. The paranoid raging against the 'big brother' or some other inane conspiracy. Granola-munching super-spiritualists who run around preaching soul while living unbathed and riddled with disease and drugs. All high vibration and rotted teeth.

Any structure built with all the weight at the top will surely fall over. And there have been sayings and recognitions around for literal millennia showcasing that recognition. From the Roman golden means and confuscian 'Fetch wood, carry water. Gain enlightenment. Fetch wood, carry water.' to more modern sayings such as 'One foot in the ocean, one on land' or 'have your head in the clouds, but keep your feet on the ground.'

Harness or amplify in the moment as needed, sure. But develop together. It avoids many pitfalls a person can get trapped in. While people can (and likely have) focused on one to the detriment of others, it just reveals the risks and traps of such an imbalance time and again. I don't like watching people getting trapped in cycles or having their path and process collapse over and over, forcing them through one crisis after another until they regain balance or give up entirely. Too many people already do too many foolish things because of being so wildly off-balance.

Oct 29, 2023
My original comment might not have been very clear, but my point was exactly what Spirit76 said. If this is your first time working with your chakras, start at the root and work your way to the crown. If you maintain the balance of your chakras, you can focus your energy on a specific one to help you in your craft. You could focus on your heart chakra while healing, your throat chakra before a speech, your sacral when you need to enforce boundaries. However, this is not beginner level work. Beginner level work, which is what I was referring to in my original post, is connecting with each chakra working up from the root. Most people who learn about chakras want to activate their third eye so they can be psychic. Which sounds cooler than the other chakras, especially the boring lower chakras most rush through. Everything below the heart chakra makes the foundation and too many jump to the higher chakras because they could potentially unlock mystical powers. This is who I tailor my comments to; Those who just want special powers without realizing they need to balance the previous five. If you already know how to do that, then you probably would not be looking at this chant. Not saying it will not work, but you would know the very simple sound chant of om so there is no point to look up a more complex chant.

Nekoshema, Tadashi: How do I know if my chakras are open and just active enough? On Easter Sunday, I did a meditation to balance my chakras.

Jul 31, 2023
Each chakra rules over specific things. When a chakra is out of balance, either too open or too closed, you will experience issues in those areas. When your third eye is too open, you can have headaches and hallucinations. When it is too closed, you will struggle with intuition and creativity. There are other things like mental health and physical ailments. I suggest researching each chakra individually and reflecting on each one. Knowing what symptoms you personally have will determine whether or not a chakra is balanced or not.

you don't need to go to the extent of chanting this. to open all 7 chakras you can chant the following-: Root Chakra chant - lam Sacral Chakra chant- vam solar plexus chakra- ram heart Chakra - yam throat Chakra - ham 3rd eye Chakra - om or aum crown Chakra - repeat 3 om and silence after it/

Oct 29, 2023
Perhaps using the poem/long chant as a guided meditation, coupled with intent and visualization, I could see it as having decent effect. Though I agree it is a bit complex and over-engineered to personal tastes as well. I think that's a matter of preference though. I imagine some have a better time.e feeling more connected and purposeful if the process is more elaborate and involved.

I'm a fan of the simple as well. Though there is still nuance to consider even with single-word chant. Like how the sound of each word is reflective of a particular vibration and energy. The vibration of the Soundwave generates particular resonances physically in the body and in the air so choosing an environment frie y to chanting can really magnify the effect. Think about how places with strong acoustic features build on the body and effect of a voice. Atrium, temples, caves... hard-surfaced, rounded spaces that reflect and bounce sound around in ways that build up what is present. Tone also matters. Opened throat and opened mouth, fed from the diaphragm with confidence along with finding a note/pitch for each word that you can physically feel as if it was coming from the intended chakra is a huge boon. (And achievement)

Lam, for example would come as a low note. Engage the lower belly and feel your voice vibrate/resonate right from your tailbone. As if you are sucking the sound from the ground itself. While Yam would be bolstered by more of a mid-tone, feeling your voice vibrate from your ribcage as you engage the lungs for a warm tone dripping with compassionate thoughts. Ranging Aum to be a slightly nasal, higher note that you feel through your sinuses and forehead.

You don't have to be a singer, mind-you. Or vocally trained or anything. This is a skill that just needs to be practiced at. As you meditate and chant just play with the sounds. Pay attention to how they feel as much (or maybe even moreso) as how they sound. Heck, do as the doctors like to say and just open your mouth and say ''aaaahhh''. Say it low, see how it feels. Say it high. Drag the sound from low to high and consciously observe how the feeling of your voice vibrating around in your body moves.

And of course it doesn't have to be perfect on your first try either. Just get the best you can and go. And then try again next time. And the next time. And so-on.

Oct 29, 2023
Typo edit; ''choosing an environment frie y to chanting'' should be ''choosing an environment friendly to chanting''

Already have don't recommend it's not something you try to do it's usually something that you get out of the blue... It's not something I will recommend :(

Does this make you a witch

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