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Name: CasterLena
Birthday: Jul 25 1999
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Hi, I'm Elizabeth "Lizzy" Cresta (Karis Grace Fields) Age:13 Currently:Single Species:Witch/Caster, Were-Wolf (2-4-13) How Long Have I Been Studying Magick:One Year Topics About Magick I Know About:Dark Arts,Elements,Potion Making,and Telekinetic Abilities Topics I Need Help With The Most:Like A lot of Them (I'm a Newbie and a Beginner) Covens on SoM:Spellcasters and Elemental Magick Covens Outside of SoM:Nope In Each Coven I Will Try To Learn And Give Knowledge To Anyone In Need I Hope To Learn All That I Need To Learn On The Website and In Covens Best Quotes: "Always"-Severus Snape "That Is Mahogany!!!!!!!"-Effie Trinket "You Smile, I Smile"-Justin Bieber "Bet ya on land, they understand Bet they don reprimand their daughters"-Ariel "You is kind, you is smart, you is important"-The Help