Control air in your Hand

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You basicly control air in your hand you should get it to the point were the electrons and all make electricity from firction.

Casting Instructions for 'Control air in your Hand'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • an open window or a cracked window would help alot.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • an open window or a cracked window would help alot.
Hold your right or left hand out like your holding a base ball.
feel the air going through the gap and moving faster and faster.
while this happens there should be friction.
do this for a few days and you can do it anytime you like.
this will take time and you wont make electrical sparks for a while.


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Feb 06, 2019
You cannot control the air/wind

Nekoshema YOU can't control wind because you don't believe you can

Mar 22, 2019
Lol, dang, you got me. Seriously NOBODY can control air because that's not how magick works. I'm sorry to break this to you, but magick is a natural force that you call on to bring a natural change. Magick/spells effect the energy surrounding you to attract a desired change. Magick is a force of nature, so here on the physical magick only brings natural change. Humans cannot control wind [we can harness its power with windmills and such, but we cannot call it to do our bidding] I'm really not trying to come across mean or whatever, I'm merely trying to teach, but these replies only work best in quick sentence structure. If this was a mail or forum I could go deeper into detail, but it's not, so enjoy my needlessly long reply.

Dec 07, 2019
You're Right!

Nov 04, 2022
I hold my left hand out and I focus my energy into the center of my dominant hand which is my left and I feel the air in it start to form a spinning ball I can't see how do you explain that?

Nov 04, 2022
a spinning ball you can't see? It sounds like a psi ball [you've focused magickal energy in your hand in the shape of a ball] but if you're claiming you can make balls of air like in Avatar only invisible, I'd argue placebo [you want it to happen so your mind is tricking your body into feeling it's real] or you're pretending, and I'd remind you roleplaying is against site rules. Breaking the rules can get your account gagged.

it worked omg yes yes yes

Jul 10, 2019
It did not work because this is a fake spell. If you believe it did, it was probably a combination of the wind from the open window and placebo.

Jul 10, 2019
it didn't work, magick doesn't work like that. you can work with the air element and incorporate it into your spells, but you cannot will it to do what you want, please study real magick before posting falsehoods.

Aug 25, 2019
but...what if it did?

Aug 30, 2019
it didn't. there is no point trying to break a brick wall with your head. it has been stated it doesn't work, explained why it doesn't work, and a person hiding behind anonymity online can claim anything. when several people explain the same answer [earth is round] and one person claims the opposite [the earth is flat] you shouldn't agree with the one random person with zero proof [because logic] anyway, if you somehow did the spell and somehow it worked for you [thus changing the law of nature and magick as we know it] it simply means you can direct wind currents [and possibly doom us all since moving wind currents would effect weather patterns, thus putting our planet in an even worse situation than the one it's already in, and possibly in an extreme case create air benders a la Avatar and could theoretically start choosing who gets air and who gets blown away/killed]

My hands almost burned, but I really haven't seen the spark yet. Maybe I was just heating the air. Everyone here is quite skeptical about this spell. But I believe that even the natural elements are in control. There is a study of this on kinesia itself.

You can connect with the air element. You can create psi balls. You will not create sparks in your hand if you concentrait hard enough.

Isn't this just feeling air in your hand? This spell is fake since you cannot control the wind.

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