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This is a spell you can use to take over someone elses body.

Casting Instructions for 'Possession'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Close your eyes and focus on your victim. Once you are focused and relaxed, impose your will into your victim's mind and chant these words:

"Transfer my soul into this vessel
Let me not have to wrestle
Make it easy, make it fine
Let his/her body become mine"

Keep doing this and eventually, the victim will become very drowsy and may even fall asleep. After this stage, it depends on whether or not your will is stronger than the other person. If it is stronger, only by a little bit, then you will not be able to possess them, only put them to sleep. If your will is weaker, they may be able to reflect the spell back at you, or you could have just wasted a huge amount of energy that will take a long time to get back. 


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What happen with ur body while u are posessing somebody?

Apr 05, 2019
Nothing this is not real.

Jul 29, 2021

has anybody tried this?

Does this actually work and what happens to the host while they are possessed?

Aug 12, 2021
No, it is fake

If I do manage to get this spell to work, is it possible to return to my own body when I'm done doing what I want to do with the other person's body? Also, is it possible to get the spell to work by chanting in your mind? I'd love for there to be a way to possess somebody of my interest in public without causing any sort uproar. If people around me heard me chanting the spell, they'd probably freak out and ruin my attempt. I've seen girls in the college that I go to, who's perspective I'd love to experience things from. I'm trans(male to female), but it's not exactly easy for me to just turn into a girl without my family knowing. And reality changing gender change spell are hard and take a long time to work. Plus, I do have a girlfriend (who's not human actually), but I don't want to possess her. Also, my family would kill me if I bought cross dressing stuff. So I'm stuck as a boy full time, therefore, the only way I can experience being a girl at all is temporary body possession. Also, another thing that'd be nice if there was a way I can make sure that my body will still be active without me while I'm possessing a girl so that nobody would ever suspect a thing. And if I can access the memories and knowledge of the girl I'm possessing, so that people she knows won't notice anything weird with her. I don't want to take advantage or anything. I just want a way to possess a girl in a way where no one would notice, not even the girl herself, without disrupting her usual activity. Just to see what life as a girl is like, if I have to stay true to the usual behavior of the girl who I'm possessing. Again, I don't want to take advantage, just give a girl a break and let me drive her for a short while doing her usual for her. Anyways, by the way, I'm new. I joined cause I'm really interested in not just possession magic but some other forms of magic having to do with people and spirits. I'm someone who's always been all about life and believes in magic. And right now, my life is boring without magic. Not to mention, I'm tired of always being a poor bum in real life. I'd like to take breaks from my usual and be someone else for awhile. But only girls since I don't like being a guy at all, aside from whatever I do like about my usual male self. Like my interest in video games and such. But I just want to explore life outside of my own, but without anybody noticing, not even my body. When I do possess a girl, I want my body to still think, act, and behave like I usually do, like nothing happened. Maybe give my autopilot me a little extra social confidence to speak to those he finds interesting, just so that he's not alone. Who knows, maybe he even talk to me in a girl's body. However, if he does that, I'll have try to show him that she's not interested cause again, I don't want to advantage. Maybe I might be nice to him in a friendly manner, but nothing beyond that. Anyways, that's all I have to say for now. I hope to make some cool magic user friends here.

May 31, 2019
You can't possess someone. You can try astral projection. Some claim you can enter another's dreams and communicate with them. You could try various guided meditations of you wanted to experience a new life or go deeper into certain hidden aspects of yourself. You can't however possess someone, they have subconscious barriers that prevent that [and even willing participants still have some degree of free will should you attempt anything they wouldn't enjoy] painful as your situation is, I hope one day you can be open enough to live the life that makes you comfortable and happy. Yes, you might loose friends and family [im not trans but when I started being true to myself I lost many people] and it is painful, but it's better in the long run [i have fewer friends/family but the friends I have are practically my new family and I wouldn't trade them for the world]

Jun 01, 2019
Have you actually tried to possess someone? I do believe it may be possible if your will is strong enough. As the person that posted this possession spell said, your will needs to be stronger than that of the person you're trying to possess. I think it is possible, it's just really hard to pull off for people in this day and age. I've already been told by someone recently that possession like in entertainment isn't really possible and it upset me cause I really strongly believe it is as I've witness real life proof of it before. So actually I'm in a position where I know it's possible. It's just really hard for humans and even some demons since some people are baptized. Hence where the whole ''barriers'' thing must come from. But it is possible. I know it is. It's just a really hard advanced kind of magical power. And lastly, about the trans thing. Yeah, you don't know my family. My family are really strict on the anti-transgender thing. The very religious and political about everything, so they hate transgenderism and transgenders altogether. I even have a friend who's disturbed the idea of transgenderism as well. Yeah, if I transition like a normal human or simply transform into a girl, I will lose a lot in life. I don't know I just wish there was way I can be a girl or experience life as a girl (even if temporarily) without losing anything I have. I just need to find true happiness again.

Jun 02, 2019
Personally no because it doesn't interest me, but if you researched the topic you would learn this ''spell'' doesn't work. People are not being possessed because they've been baptized, that's to assume every other religion that doesn't preform this ritual are the targets of possession. Plus, people can be dedicated/baptized into other faiths, stop following a faith, and even have themselves removed from the official church list of baptized members. The reason people don't get possessed is because we have psychic barriers in place, your body has its own safety mechanisms in place should another spirit try to enter. This is why entering ones dreams is easier because we are more open and it's not a full possession. As for who can get possessed, the mind, body, and spirit has to be incredibly weak [which is why most scary movies about ghosts have them wearing down the victims before possessing them] so unless this person has been worn down to this point, you can't just say a chant and enter their body. As for the transgender stuff, I merely wish you live whatever life makes you happy, and while your family may not agree, and it might mean loosing many friends/family being true to yourself is the most important thing to me, so do whatever makes you happy.

I'll try it out if it gonna work :)

Aug 09, 2021
It will not work. This spell is fake.

Aug 12, 2021

Aug 12, 2021
I won't shut up, I am simply trying to let other members know which spells are fake, to save them time and energy trying to perform one which will never work.

Aug 14, 2021
Galaxiistars is telling the truth. She's not breaking any site rules by helping another member by informing them of this fact. Anyone who is in danger of breaking site rules is you for bullying her [which I deleted the other comment for that reason. Don't be cruel to those you disagree with in future, azp]

Aug 14, 2021
Possession is a rare but real thing. However, regarding this specific spell, it does not work. Possession is the result of an entity breaking your mind, body, and spirit, then forcing your spirit out, or suppressing it so it can take over your body. This is chanting ''let me in'' ad nauseum. If you wish to ignore other witches advice and waste your time and energy on it, by all means, but do not take it out on those trying to help.

There is no need to silence another site member. Galax is not breaking any site rules and they are entitled to their opinion regarding the working in question. Neko may I ask your thoughts on what is known within yogic practices as Sidhis? There is a Sidhi known as parkaya pravesh. From what I myself know of Sidhis via my own experience is that some of these are possible after many years of diligent yogic and meditative practice. I am wondering your thoughts on this?

This will not work.

Maybe this does not work Cause I'm trying to possess a girl :(

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