Mine All Mine

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Powerful but utterly immoral love spell.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 red candle
  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 silver chalice
  • Water
  • 1 pin or needle
  • An Altar pentacle
  • Matches (NOT a lighter)

Casting Instructions for 'Mine All Mine'

Cast your circle:

Take the pin, and carve your love's full name into all three candles. Set the candles in a triangle around your altar pentacle. white at the top, pink on the right, and red on the left.

Take the chalice and set it between you and the altar pentacle, and fill it with water. Next light the candles, white, then pink, then red. and focus all your energy on the triangle.

Dearest Aine, goddess of love and beauty, hear my plea.
I've found the one, the love of my life, and all I want is their love.
Let me know their love and touch, let me feel the warmth of love.
Make them mine, all mine, I beg, this is my wish. please hear me.

Take a sip of water.
Then pour the melted wax into the bowl keeping the candles lit.
then say it again.
drink another sip of water.
Pour the wax

Continue alternating between saying the spell and taking a sip of water then pour the wax. Say the chant, take a sip,pour the wax; say it again take another sip pour the wax. Continue doing this until the chalice is empty. Even after the chalice is empty continue saying the chant and pouring the wax until the bowl of wax is full.

When the bowl is full, carve a heart into the bowl of wax, and your and your lover's initials.

Put it in a safe place and wait

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don't know if Aine is the best choice for a love spell knowing her mythology, i would probably go with a different love deity. while i don't doubt this works, i do doubt how potent it really is [personally, i don't believe in a spell working forever, unless you keep feeding it energy, but that's just me] i also hope you will work on the relationship because expecting the spell to keep you in love and together won't work, eventually the energy will wear off and if you didn't try to build a strong relationship it will crumble [not to sound mean, just a simple fact of life]

Oct 01, 2019
I like the way you think.

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