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You will have a invisible pet and so yeah!!

Casting Instructions for 'Spirit Animal'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil

So take your paper and draw your animal what ever you want and write what they like or they favorite food what color...anything if you want and say this only 1 time:



"I would have this pet into invisible no one can't see it only me and I shall let this spell work so mote it be."



Then throw the paper don't worry the pet will come to you any time maybe it will be invisible so yeah you can take them anywhere even to school so you bye!


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Can it be a Mythical Creatures?

Mar 01, 2019
I doubt this is an actual working spell [you might wish to look into thought forms] but if you're designing your invisible pet then I see no reason why it can be a mythical creature. On a side note, I have seen people who work with spirit animals and archetypes include mythological creatures, so I'm sure you can try with whatever you want.

Does this spell have a chance of working?

Sep 24, 2019
Spirit animals are a very real concept. You don't get one through a spell, it is through a spiritual journey [also, theres the matter of cultural appropriation to reflect on] so if you wish to connect with and find your spirit animal or totem, it requires meditations, vision quests, self reflection, and a variety of spiritual journeys [depending on the specific tribe] you need to complete to find it. As for this specific spell, it sounds like a broken spell [possible, but missing a few steps] however, you are creating a thought form, not an invisible animal

Spirit animals are not invisible pets. They are a part of native culture which you are appropriating. You work with them on your spiritual journey to grow on your path. They are not your pet.

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