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Wanna change your eye colour? Easy! Just follow the steps and you will achieve it!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle of current eye color
  • Candle of desired eye colour
  • 2 cups
  • Food colouring of your current eye colour
  • Food coloring of your desired eye colour
  • Voice

Casting Instructions for 'Eye Changing'

1. Fill two glasses of water halfway.
2. Add the colour of your eyes into one of them with food colouring
3. Add the colour of what you want your eyes to be in the other glass.
4. Light the 2 candles
5. Chant:


"My eyes are dull let them be no more, make them the colour that I adore. Change from (Current colour) to (New colour)and make it fast, please answer my call that's all I ask."


6. Dump the water that has your new eye colour on the candle that has your old eye colour, and put the other glass in the freezer. Let the second candle burn out on it's own.
7. After one day take the glass from the freezer, heat it up and then drink it.
8. Your eyes should change within 24 hours if it worked.

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Will this work?

Apr 18, 2019
No you can't change your eye colour with magick. If a spell sounds too good to be true, or is something you can't do without magick then most likely it is a fake spell.

Why do people go out of their way to make fake spells?

Jun 05, 2019
ignorance and apathy.

just save your self from the disappointment and go buy colored contacts

Ut works omg my eyes where green and now there blue! Keep up the good work! *it

Jun 14, 2019
It does not work. Magick can't rewrite DNA.

Jul 07, 2019
did it really work

Jul 07, 2019
it didn't work. magick doesn't contradict nature, your eyes can change over time, but you can't just will them to change. since it's not part of human nature, a spell won't make them change.

Aug 03, 2019
She has a point. You can't just rewrite your genes.


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