Make a Moon Ring

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This spell makes a moon ring which harnesses the moons power to make you have powers that are unexplained to humans. Must be a mermaid to do this spell.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ring with blue gemstone in it

Casting Instructions for 'Make a Moon Ring'

This spell is part of our Moon Magic Series.

First go outside on a full moon put the ring on and face it towards the moon then say spell outloud

"I call upon the moons rays to give me the power of mako. To use my powers for good and only good never to harm others. You see me now as ordinary but soon I will be not I call upon the moons rays. Give me the power of a mako mermaid"

By the time the sun rises your powers will rise with it and never take the ring off. Or you shall lose your powers in a day

Added to on Nov 16, 2014
Last edited on Jul 27, 2018
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You are human, so it will not work. More importantly, while you can use the moon to charge objects, it will not give you super powers.

Aug 11, 2019
Well it will work if you are not human... Like a wolf, owl, dragon, whale, werewolf or anything els it will surely be working....

Aug 11, 2019
Too bad you're a human. If you were an animal you couldn't type this out, Dragons and werewolves aren't physical beings. Research real magick before spouting such nonsense in future Silverwing. Magick doesn't contradict nature, real magick effects energy to bring a desired change through natural means.

Sep 08, 2019
Nekoshema, tecnicaly "dragons" are real, but not in the sense of being magical and animals (such as monkeys) can be trained to type on a keyboard, so there is the possibility (however unlikely) that Silverwing could be nonhuman. I do agree with you, Nekoshema, on all other counts.

Before anyone says anything about the dragon thing, I'm referring to bearded dragons, Komodo dragons, and Draco lizards when I say "'dragons' are real, but not in the sense of being magical"

Sep 09, 2019
Dragons are believed by some to be astral beings like spirits. While things like Komodo and Bearded Dragons are physically real, unless specified, the majority of Pagans will assume you're referring to the spiritual beings [just saying you need to specify in the spell in future to prevent confusion, as well as to help people cast correctly]

by the way they meant boost of power not thhat you'll get powers.

So if you have to be a mermaid, how are you gonna get outside? I?m sorry but I find this a bit absurd. Not saying that it?s not possible, just that the way this is worded is kinda strange. That and if you never take a ring off, it will most likely cut off your circulation someday because no matter what species you are, you have to grow. Mako mermaid? You mean the ones in H2O? That series on Netflix?

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