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Name: sirenna07
Birthday: Oct 9 2002
Location: Mako Island/Moon Pool
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 12 Aug 2015
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I am friendly and very soft inside
I like to sing special songs
I see ghosts spirits or something like that it freaks me out
I love blue pink and jade they remind me of home
I used to live in China
My best friend is an orca called freya
I love to travel into forests mountains and places full of trees
I love journaling and have a very active imagination
I tend to get very mad at times even though I'm not a were-wolf
People don't respect me cause I'm a mermaid but I don't care I love being me and will never change and nobody can evan change one thing about me
I have witch powers but the powers are faiding away and coming back slowly I think its cause of my mermaid half I hate mortals and enjoy the company of other imortals even if my powers faids away and I become mortal