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To help those who need help with shifting.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Having done a spell to be a different thing/be a natural-born shapeshifter

Casting Instructions for 'Shifting Help and Methods'

There are a few types of shifts, to start off. Whilst others have their own sub-types, many have these four:
Fantasy, Phantom, Mental, and finally, the physical shift.

The Fantasy Shift is basically doing a spell, visualising the form you hope to have, or drawing it out. This is the easiest shift to accomplish.

The Phantom Shift is a bit harder, it's feeling like you have the limbs/wings/horns, ect when you don't yet. It can be done by telling yourself 'I have a [Part]' over and over again until you can feel it and move it. Easy to accomplish, hard to master.

The Mental Shift is one of the harder shifts. You put yourself in the mind of the animal, forgetting human thoughts and letting go of human impulses and take on the animal, and only the animal. Don't look at the animal, look THROUGH the animal. This is a slightly dangerous shift, as you can loose your human mind in it. Even in a strong M-shift, you may still have some (very few) human thoughts, maybe a word or two at a time.

The Physical Shift is the hardest of the shifts. By the time most people could physically shift, a few do not believe they can do it, but it WILL! NEVER focus on the thought that it's not real, focus on the fact that it is! It's never been documented because, geez, would you want someone filming you while you shift? Probably not.
To do this shift, you need an M-shift first, and then slowly visualise your body changing, growing, shrinking, whatever you need to do. After a while, you will feel it. For your first shift, go slow. Once you get your whole body done, visualise yourself opening your eyes but DON'T ACTAULLY OPEN THEM! Change them in your visualisation, then open your eyes. If you've shifted, be sure to shift back, because if you're in your form the first time for longer than 30mins, you could never return! To shift back, just imagine from the animal to human, which should be easier.

If you get to the part where you can physically shift, please message me and I can help you get your own method or finding which one works best for you and your animal.

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What if i desire to become a human demi-draconic?
Jan 29, 2019
Then prepare to get your desire crushed because you cannot become anything besides human despite how much you may believe the contrary. If you understood what real magick is and what at capable of you wouldn't be waisting your time with this nonsense.
Feb 25, 2019
ok Nekoshema thats a bit harsh cool it aight people have different beliefs to whats possible just like people have different beliefs of gods and goddesses and religions, no need to force your own on someone just because you dont believe in it.
Feb 28, 2019
Myeesha hale thank you so much
Mar 01, 2019
Would you say the same thing to a scientist who tell you the earth is round. "Just calm down, they believe it's flat and that's all that matters" I'm trying to explain magick has limits to help people and while I might come off harsh at times, try repeating a fact 50 times a day every day to people who go "but I believe!" Belief is fine, but when you're using it as a shield to hide your ignorance it's gone too far.
Mar 02, 2019
She is not, she is stating a fact. Magic cannot make you transform into anything.
Mar 04, 2019
HOW MANT TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS. shapeshifting is not magick, you have to be born able to shift. There are wolf shifters tiger shifters and all but it?s nothing to do with magick. Shifters cannot get bigger or smaller, so when you see someone for example that?s shifted into a wolf it would be an odd sized wolf.
Mar 09, 2019
You can say it as many times as you wish, Nonstop, but that doesn't make it correct. If you want to believe in shapeshifting, that's fine, I suppose, but there's no reason to spread that misinformation, nor is there any reason to be hostile with people who are simply stating facts.
Mar 10, 2019
ok, I have shifted I know it is real, you can belive what you want but I know it exists I?ve done it.
Unfortunately, (Im not trying to anger anyone) magic cannot create such drastic changes on the physical plane.
Mar 01, 2019
Thank you for speaking sense my friend.
Apr 05, 2019
Just to let you know, people can and have shifted before. Nekoshema and others against it, I understand your point of view; but I also understand that others have the sheer will and desire to become a Shifter. Please respect the wishes of others and if you feel the absolute need to point out ' This doesn't work', then please do it in a nice but discrete manner, so the dreams of others are not crushed. Thanks, TheSmallFox.
Apr 30, 2019
Thank you TheSmallFox. Scrolling through recent spells, I have become sad from all the people discriminating against others spells. We all have different belief's. And I believe we should respect that. Magick only goes as far as belief, intent, etc. Shifting isn't a part of Magick. Like being an Empath isn't apart of Magick, you are born one. They are different kinds. I don't know. But people like you help others. Thank you! -Dimka
May 01, 2019
TheSmallFox,Dimka, while I understand being upset, I don't think this is comparable to religious toleration and freedom of belief. (As someone who has experienced prejudice to the point of being harassed and singled out by authorities, I can't see the relation.) The basis of not discriminating based on belief is that belief is neither provable nor falsifiable. Believing in the Christian god, for example, is a religious belief because it's based on faith. Shapeshifting, on the other hand, is scientifically falsifiable, and therefore can't be classed as a spiritual belief. In addition, it seems pretty helpful that people are willing to point out which spells don't work. It saves beginners from wasting their time, and ultimately will lead to less disappointment.
I have shifted before I knew any of this spell stuff and I was 3-4 yrs old
May 26, 2019
Now 14 yrs old
Jun 12, 2019
So you can shapeshift
Jun 12, 2019
No, you can't. This site doesn't allow roleplaying, magick is a natural energy that cannot contradict natural law. You are human, humans cannot physically shapeshift therefore this spell is fake.
Jun 22, 2019
OKAY, STOP. You know what? If magic doesn't defy nature and shifting isn't real, then why do we call it magic and not science? Because if you ask me, you seem to be linking some very strange and intriguing things that don't quit add up.
Jun 23, 2019
historically magick and science were the same thing. anything that wasn't known was considered "magic" by ancient man. over time the two coexisted in the form on alchemy, and eventually diverged into the two separate paths we know today. many practitioners are in the medical or scientific fields, and believe science will catch up to magick one day, but right now they are two separate things. [look up hypertricosis and porphyria, they're most likely the reason people believe in werewolves and vampires] magick is a natural, neutral energy, when you cast a spell you are tapping into that energy and directing it on a path [giving it a charge in the process] to bring a desired change to you. this energy then effects the energy surrounding the situation and effects it to vibrate at a similar level so you get the desired outcome you cast for. it does not effect the physical, or create instant, dramatic changes. those are a work of fiction, not reality.
I'm just going to say this, I don't know what to believe anymore. I truly believe that some people are gifted enough to shift while others aren't. Sure you can tell people that they're unable to do it and not to waste their time on it, but you can't tell people who've done it before that it's impossible. You aren't them. Flying is supposed to be impossible, but yet how did I do it when I was young? (I was awake, mind you, not dreaming)
Jul 27, 2019
it's a fact of magick, that's why we can tell people it won't happen, magick doesn't contradict nature. you cannot physically transform naturally, therefore you cannot physically transform magickally. as for your claims when you were a child you could fly, here's the problem with memory, humans are terrible at it. you will remember small details [example, you remember playing with a red ball] but when asked to remember more [where did you get that red ball] your mind doesn't keep it as vital information, so it just fills in the blanks with logical guesses [probably mom since she worked from home] so you only remember snippets and not whole events. our memory also changes with age, the way our minds develop we don't start having long term memories until we are about 2, and the older we get, the more memories become foggy and we begin to forget and fill in the blanks. i have this incredibly vivid memory of lying in my bed and it began to fly around my bedroom, but i know this was a reoccurring dream because that isn't possible, and the vivid bed flying dream would always be in my 3-4 year old self's bedroom [i moved a lot] i can still visualize this very accurately as an adult, but i know for certain it was a dream. as for your flying but it was real, it could of been astral projection, where your astral self can float/fly around your room.

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