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All about winged humanoids and how you, too, can grow wings.
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  • concentration
  • reading comprehension

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(Info taken from my website, provided by my co-leader Buitre. My Weyr's website: )

What are avians?

Avians are winged humanoids, people who have undergone the process of growing wings, air sacks, hollow bones, and feathers for flight. Contrary to popular belief, wing growth is not shifting. They often have wings very similar, if not exactly like a bird's, as feathered wings are the most efficient for flight. Avians can have the wings of hawks, eagles, or even quail. An Avian's wing type is almost a spiritual connection, it is such a deep link that even looking at the wings can cause phantom sensations and pain. Avians seek out wing growth due to a "call to the sky" that is very powerful and present since early childhood. Some say that avians have a unique genetic makeup that allows them to grow wings, others say anyone can grow wings.

How wings grow

Wings require upwards of three years of visualisation, energy manipulation, focus, and willpower to grow. Constant visualisation and mental shifting is required. Internal changes happen first - your bone structure begins to change to allow wings to grow, your internal bone structure begins to become hollow, air sacks form behind the lungs and your lungs get larger (resulting also in a larger ribcage and chest), and you begin to lose weight as your metabolism speeds up. Second, your body begins to develop the muscle. Your pectoral muscles will shrink to make room for the second set of pectorals (as wings are modified arms), and you may lose muscle power as a result. You will begin to gain muscle on your back as well, that will link your new pectorals to your wings. Third, your stem cells start to produce the skin tissue, cartilage, and bone of your wings. The wings start as a lump of cells then begin to separate, appearing as a "nub" before they begin to look like wings. You will start to develop down feathers at this time as well. Once wings "sprout", they grow quickly. Once bone and cartilidge is formed, down feathers will quickly shed and become flight feathers. The very minimum size of fully grown, ready-to-fly wings is 18 feet, and most avians have wings that span within 20 to 30 feet.

The Basic Method

A common method used by avians involves incorporating them into your daily life through constant visualisation, phantom shifting, and mental shifting. You must learn what your wingtype is, how it flies, what are the benefits, what kind of flight it is best at, etc. Then, you must start to visualise yourself with the wings. You can visualise the changes happening in order, or you can visualise with fully grown wings. Meditate every night about your wings, see them grow and develop. Mentally feel what it would be like to fly, to soar, to take off. Visualise constantly and phantom shift every time you can. Phantom wings may start to become permanent and pain should be commonplace. Keep pushing and take progress pictures at least once a month to compare. Once notable growth starts, you will see rapid changes.


The following are estimates about wing growth and wings.

Please note that none of these include what will happen if you lose faith, stop growing for a few months, etc.

Average time to grow flight-ready wings: 3 years

Average wing span : 22 feet (6.7m)

Average wing width (top of skin to bottom of secondaries): 3 feet

The following estimates were found by energy mapping and astral projection.

# of avian genetic holders in USA: 617,983

# of avians with wings in USA: 1,362

# of wing growers in USA: 22,674

Subliminal playlist

Many avians and wing growers use subliminals to help their progress. Listening to subliminals at a low volume during meditation is a good way to boost your progress as your subconscious is more likely to be receptive during meditation. Here is a playlist of wing subliminals and a booster. :

​Closing notes

Wings cannot be hidden, they cannot be shifted away, and they are visible to everyone who sees you. Growing wings is a dangerous task not suitable for all people. Many avians have encounters with hunters and end up dead due to being too reckless, out there, or attempting to expose themselves. The only time wings may be able to be shown in public would be at a cosplay convention, but even that is dangerous. Do not become an avian if you are not prepared for having to give up your social life, school, public places, friends, and even family gatherings.

You will be alone and relying on parental support or online jobs.

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Hello, I am thankful for this. I will comment another if I had progress, now training.

Apr 13, 2019
Growing wings on a physical level is impossible.

Nothing is impossible.

Aug 27, 2019
Magick is still controlled by natural laws, you cannot do with magick what you cannot do without it. Because of this, you cannot change your physical form, create something out of nothing, change your genetics or break physical or other laws. So growing wings is impossible in the physical world, I would look into astral travel if you are looking for something similar.

Jan 27, 2021
Your mind can be tricked to think something is real [see false pregnancy and placebo effects] You lose a limb and you have phantom pains that it's still there. It will not grow back, but you might ''feel'' it. What evidence do you have that positive thinking can ''change genetics''? It is a fact magick doesn't contradict nature, and humans don't have wings by nature. Claiming you can think hard enough and can physically transform is a belief. It's not cowardice to state well-known facts about magick, arguing with someone who commented over a year ago is.

Hello all, for those of you who think transformation spells aren't real, I'll leave you to your opinions. But for those who are more open minded, I'd like to say that I know this works, and likewise that many other transformation spells work. But as not to start arguments, I'll just say if you think it's worth the time, believe and try. After all what's the harm?

Sep 10, 2019
There is harm in blind faith. People can get hurt, they could physically hurt themselves, they could be scammed, they could get discouraged and leave the path simply because they believed an impossibility and it crushed their spirit. People believe vaccines are dangerous, the earth is flat, and various facts about reality are fake. This is harmful, because others get hurt in the process. If you choose to ignore facts it's on you, but it's not ''harmless'' to believe in physical transformation [heck, if you consider threatening others harmful, then everyone who points out facts on this site are harmed almost daily by those who ''harmlessly believe'']

Sep 10, 2019
Cool I got a comment.

Apr 29, 2020
Yes totally the spirit

You cannot grow wings. You can work with angels, but you cannot become one.

I love how people break each other imaginations.

Apr 29, 2020
I know right letting people's hopes down

Kemonomimi just because you do not believe in magic doesn't mean that other people don't and just because you don't think it's real doesn't mean the world's gonna be like oh Kemonomimi says it's not real so it's not it's there decision not yours

Apr 29, 2020
It's kind of hilarious how this has come full-circle for Kemonomimi. She joined the site claiming all the fake spells were real and a number of members taught her the difference between real magick real witches use and fake magic popularized by Hollywood. She use to call everyone non-believers ruining people's fun for a long time. Just find it funny you're treating her exactly how she treated everyone who tried to help her. Anyway, she's correct, you cannot physically grow wings and fly. It contradicts nature and magick is an energy ruled by nature. You can work with angels and other air spirits in your craft, possibly transform your astral form into one, but physically it cannot be done, sorry.

if people want to believe in magick let them, but to pour on things that you know it is not going to work let people try and see if they do but arguing back and forth won't stop them from doing it that's just how life works.

Jan 29, 2021
Very true. The thing is, people are trying to teach, which upsets those who don't want to hear conflicting information from their belief, so they get defensive and instead of nicely explaining why they disagree, or if there was a way for it to work, they start attacking. Regarding this spell specifically, you can't grow physical wings and become an avian because magick doesn't contradict nature. However, if you still want to try, nobody's going to stop you [seriously, everyone who teaches in these comments want to save you some time, they're not going to get upset if you try it for yourself] plenty of people work with angels in their path, and on other planes of existence [such as the astral] you can transform and you should be able to grow wings on other planes. That's all we're saying, unfortunately, people get upset and fight.

Just so you know it doesn't work. Tried it a few years ago when I was a child.

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