Dragon Shifting

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Can turn you into a dragon in 1-3 days after spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Dragon Shifting'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Chant this three times:

"O god,
Mother nature,
And dragons
I call to thee,
Bestow on my another form,
This form will be a dragon,
But not any dragon,
My dragon,
May the transformation start immediately,
Or in 3 days,
When I claw the earth three times,
May I revert back to my human self,
This is my will,
So as I say so mote it be!"


Added to on Jan 11, 2015
Last edited on Nov 24, 2019
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What's ths side effect

Jan 07, 2019
I mean the side effect

Jan 07, 2019
None. This is a fake spell and will not work. Transformation is not possible

May 16, 2019
No, you cannot transform into a Dragon, no amount of belief will change that. Belief can be a powerful thing but it has limitations of reality. People believe in creation over evolution but it doesn't mean the fact surrounding evolution vanish and their belief is what really happened. You can believe the earth is flat, vaccines are dangerous, Elvis is still alive, and the illuminati control the world but none of that destroys the reality that the earth is round, vaccines are safe, Elvis died, and there isn't a secret organization pulling strings. When people explain magick is a natural energy that doesn't contradict nature, brings natural desired changes, and effects energies, it isn't because we're trying to hide ''the truth'' from you, or that we're meanies trying to crush dreams, or we're just jealous because we can't do it. We tell you this because we've studied magick for a lot longer than those asking the question, and are wanting to teach. People jump up and down demanding teachers to help them almost as much as they protest that all the things we tell them isn't possible actually is. We are teaching you, accept the reality of magick, continuing to spread misinformation will do nothing but confuse and upset more people.

Apr 11, 2020
nekoshema I understand where you are coming from but while you may not be able to perform these there are actual transformation spells. To be completely honest though these spells will never work(that is the ones on this site)

Does this spell have any side effects?

May 16, 2019
No, because you cannot become a dragon, any side effects you would feel are merely a placebo effect.

May 16, 2019
Yeah don't listen to tika. Because transformation is possible but only if you believe. We live in a dream state reality. So nothing is impossible for the people who believe. Belief creates reality. And not that often but sometimes you might get a heart attack so the doctors say that you need a heart transplant so they knock you out and then cut you open but they don't give you a heart transplant. Instead they just soe you back up and then wake you up but because you believe that you got a heart transplant then you start to heal just like if you would of gotten a/the heart transplant. And beliefs always win. So magick is real. And magick can do anything but they can only do what you belive in. For example you might believe in love spells but not transformation spells so then love spells will work on you but transformation spells will not work on you. However you might believe in love spells and transformation spells so therefore love spells and transformations spells will work. Because you believe they do and will work. Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing. Just because science cant prove something that doesn't make it fake or not true. Btw magick can mimic/copy the effects of living things. And there are a lot of people who don't see Jesus/God but you still believe that he exist

May 16, 2019
Sorry, I just have so many dumbfounded moments reading your response Zane. In order, we live in reality, not a dream world, not a fantasyland, not the matrix, reality. You can shape things with your state of mind [looking on the bride side of life] but you cannot think happy thoughts and get a unicorn. Next, do you have ANY proof of doctors faking transplants because the sick person just needed to believe in themselves in order to heal? Belief doesn't always win, no amount of belief will let you defy gravity, or pass a math test by saying ''I believe 2+2=7 so I'm right''. Magick is real, but it has limitations, it isn't like the movies, it's more like ritualized prayers, you are focusing your energy and intent on a goal and working to achieve the goal. These have to be realistic and in the realm of reality because of how magick works. Historically magick was undiscovered science, we know now why chamomile helps a cold, but back in the dark ages it was ''witchcraft'', just because science hasn't discovered something doesn't mean magick can do things like physical transformation. Finally, a minor point, but I don't believe in Jesus/god, I won't argue with those that do, but don't assume everyone does. Some believe in a deity and magick, some only in magick, some magick can be used in spells, others magick is a force of nature and spells aren't real. This path can get really complex.

Won't work. I wish it did tho that would be cool.

Jan 05, 2020
you just dont beleive enough, try it again and whole-heartedly and maybe it will work

Jan 05, 2020
no amount of belief will make this possible I'm afraid. You can work with Dragons, perhaps look into astral projection [you can transform your astral self into anything] but physically magick has limitations of the natural world.

Why does every newbie go straight to these shifting spells and defend their opinion against the opinion of those more knowledgeable on the subject? It's kinda confusing.

Jan 15, 2020
i know right?

Apr 11, 2020
has anyone ever actually had results from any ''spell'' on this site

Apr 12, 2020
I have, but none of the obviously fake ones. There's plenty of working spells in other sections of the site.

You cannot physically transform into a dragon.

Oct 17, 2020
really I did and I believed with all my heart so why you got to be rude

Oct 17, 2020
Roleplaying is against site rules. Physical transformation isn't possible with magick as magick is a force of nature and can't contradict nature in that way.

Oct 17, 2020
I was not being anything, I was making a statement. If you took offence, it was because you assumed I was trying to offend. You can work with dragons on a spiritual level, you cannot transform into one on the physical level. As Nekoshema stated, Real Magic is a force of nature, it does not defy nature.

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