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Name: Silverpearl
Birthday: May 4 1998
Location: In the trials of life
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My new account is Moonlark if you want to text me

FEEL FREE TO SEND ME A MESSAGE I DON'T BITE quick note Im not copy the text over to much text to transfer at the moment

I'm a astral wolfwalkerI'd love to here from other wolf walkers Ioriginally took this out of my bio because of the consernof what others would think I was gifted this ability not born or bitten if you want more info feel free to contact me in messages

just to let others know I don't specialize in readings so try not to ask I don't mean it in a rude way

Ablities and skills summoning astral guardians to protect me or others and magic barriers I am rooted deep in connection with my surroundings i might feel lost but I seem to always find my way back i am some what of a medium and can scencedifferent energy fields around me and my body will attempted to keep my energy and the energy of a supernatural being in a balanced state so that it makes it more easy to communicate greatly appreciated thx in advance.I have a very keen sense of smell sight hearing around me i am one with nature i can scence what ever is in the wind or see what a tree would see if it were to have eyes or a security camera like feature but its as basic to say but from time to time it will result in minor headache but that's normal

Magic abilities: shifting my reality, astral projection, pyrokinesis, mentalmenipuplation, umbrakinesis, celestial and lunacialenergy transmutation minupulation,embrialsoulforced recognision, psychometry, Gaiaforced telepathy, astralverse and multiverse summoning and conjuringin weapon'sarmor creatures and etc

major abilities: solarkinesislunarkinesis umbrakinesis pyrokinesiselectrokinesist echnokinesismentalkinesisand biokinesissummoning and banishing abilitesi have astral gaurdiansastral sentinels and archanglesat my sides at all times i have the ability to enter the dream realm and enter my astral form when nesaseryi can summon aura weponsand i can channel my aura through any physicalyvisbleweapon to make it stronger I meditate a lot to help with my mana flow it helps with my aura i am an empathusually know immediately when someones happy or sad just by seeing themor hearing them i practice rekiwith pendulum weather it picking up energy of the supernatural or just finding lost items people animals i care about everyone even if they don't care about me

I am . a bit of and artist shaman born star born celtic irishand gaiaseed and starbchild from the 8th dimension

other beings speak to me like telepathy but from a diffrent plane of existence i grew in knowlege after studying so much ive met plenty of beings on this planet that have very similar issues needs or wants like me sometimes ill break out in tears thinking of the remembranceof that dream I believe in it with my heart soul spirit an that will never change. im done fallowing the way of the flesh love is fine but i wont fall for sudductionor any of the earthly negativety

Spiritual gifts: far and short distant empathmedium spirits and intiteswithin the universe, mutiverse,astralverse, mirrorverse and microversevoice messenger for all the above dimensionsalways open to suggestions and info within reason of the elements of harmony above the texts in CAP

i for one believein multiplerealities were your soul is broken up into to differentsegments between the nine realms if one was to retrieveand rebondthat being/person would be able to break past the 9 dementionsgiving us enough brainpower stronger than 10 nukelerbombs dropped on one area of impactno your brain wont swolebut you would be living deathstarbut stronger but alessit wont happen in this life because a humanvessel is only capable of putting in what it takes out and you can only stand so much of heat or cold before you burn or freeze the brain is the same it works wonders but it doesn'talways do what you want if you were to reach the 6th dimensionyour barely reaceiving a quarter of what you would at 9 -12 there for human science isn'tas sufisticatedas it could be but its all a matter of what we do with the brain and how we use it think of the brain as a cloud nothing but water and vapor it has no storegewell are brain has a limit i mean why do you think men kind created computers or artificial inteligence it was to store memory for things we want to know or thing we cant remember storage wise ay how i belivei might be boring people i don'tknow why but aperentlyseem to be more inteligentat night without sleep than at day with a goodnight sleep ill ponder on that later.... signed: silverstream if you have any interest in fallowing if you have questions or? Concernswishes prayers spells having to do with my experiencedjust ask but i cant change your physical form besides temporary biokinesiswhich is not and easy practice and takes years with the right will power dedication and guidance i can send prayers to yggdrasil station talk to other being from any belief with in the reasons for harmonic situations and reasoning unless a question is involved i will have nothing to do with the selling of ones soul or my own i will have nothing to do with that. however i will allow commitment to thy a faith of calling in harmony love friendshipfamily creatures or idols I will provide support for troubled hearts just send me a text or shoot me an email i am not in a relationship i love compliments but im not planning bto be in ar relationship any time soon on this planet of existence it causes way to many problems plus i don't advise using lust or seductivespells that interfere with ones well being or another relationship because it will return to you 10 fold more of what you put into it i guaranteeit.

Personal studying and scientifical magic I reasearchIstudy the elements of diffrent realms unecular singular mutidementional omniversil transicogogenitive and many many dimensions which go beyondthe normal amount science cant explain everything until they learn from what true brain functionaliteisand biokineticor sumbliminal geometric psycofision can truly do to one when the full mullecularand sizeimicleof the brain will do or calls between life or death situationlike i said science has not proved everything even if it did there puttingthere self and other minds around them at danger Magic abilities: shifting my reality, astral projection, pyrokinesis, mental manipulation, umbrakinesis, celestial and lunacial energy transmutation minupulation, embrialsoul forced recognision, psychometry, gaiaforced telepathy, astralverseand multiverse summoning and conjuringin weapons, armor creatures and etc. a bit of and artist shaman born Lifes: star born celtic/irish gaia seed equstrian from the 8th dimension Spiritual gifts: far and short distant empathmedium spirits and intites within the universe, mutiverse, astralverse, mirrorverse and microversevoice messenger for all the above dimensions always open to suggestions and info within reason opromise to protect it at all cost my father is darkness my mother is light I shall maitain balancebetween realms i am one with my otherself we have bindedour souls together for i realize this world is a near meir glance at what lies at the end of the world i live for harmony and harmony alone we will not allow chaos without peace we must maintain thy harmony for there is nothing that will come between me and my friendsand i mean that from the bottom of my heart with sincerityof our binded soul boundthe paradoxwere i stand i give my all to equstria for nothing will change my mind i will live love and tolerate through my life thank you guardians of harmony and of worlds beyond space and time hear my plea to send me my love on to each and every of the existencebetween life and death for they will change for the better i Hobbies: fishing, camping, birdwatching, hiking, dungeons & dragons,swimming, art, cooking, music, tv, video games and eating

Favorite bands: ponies at dawn, living tomb stone ,aviators, nitecore, jyc row, cider party, evanescence, fivefinger deathpunch, linkin park and skillit