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This is information regarding a Witch's Book of Shadows and Magickal Journal

A Witch's Book of Shadows is a place where they record prayers, spells, devotion, altar diagrams, information on the Sabbats, important dates (ie: birthdays, handfastings, deaths), information on their God and/or Goddess, herb lore, and other information they consider important to their craft.

A Witch's Magickal Journal is a where a witch keeps information on her life. Some things that might be included in a Magickal Journal include dreams, results of meditations, feelings about their practice, etc.

The following are some suggested outlines for material that you might want to include in your Book or Shadows or your Magickal Journal.

What can be in the Magickal Journal:

  • Day, Date, Time
  • Daily Horoscopes
  • Emotions of the Day
  • Important parts of the day
  • Divination results
  • Spell Outcomes
  • Dreams

Book of Shadow Set up

  • Cover page
  • Dedication Page
  • Reference Tab
  • Prayer/Song Tab
  • Ritual Tab
  • Spell Tab

Herbal Book of Shadows Set Up

  • Cover Page
  • Herbal Lore Tab
  • Cooking & Baking Tab
  • Drink Making Tab
  • Potion Tab
  • Incense & Oil Tab

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May 08, 2019
this is very helpful i shall start right away!

Jun 15, 2019

Jun 24, 2019
very helpful thank you and blessed be!

Jul 10, 2019
This is great thank you.

Jul 28, 2019
What goes on a cover page

Jul 28, 2019
You can decorate the cover, and the book itself, however you like or not at all. It's entirely up to you, and what you feel is appropriate.

Aug 10, 2019
How interesting! I have some strange dreams, but I write down in my dream journal. Nice organizing!

Sep 07, 2019
Thanks,this is helpful

Oct 18, 2019
I have a book of Shadows I started this is great information to help me make it great

Nov 25, 2019
Love this,thank you for the inspiration

Jan 12, 2020
I like to add an autumn leaf from every year. I just tape it in :) but living in Canada you have to be quick...you may only get 3 days of autumn haha 😜

Feb 15, 2020
Great info for organizing..something i have to work on! My stuff is all over the place! Lol Really must find the time to put things in an orderly fashion..been runnin & gunnin with my notes,spells,rituals and such..thanks

May 04, 2020
very helpful thank you! blessed be :)

Jun 09, 2020
I love the way you organised this, thank you!

Aug 12, 2020
Hello. I am just starting and hope this isn't a dumb question. Can I combine my magical journal and BOS in one? Or is it best to keep them separate?

Aug 12, 2020
You can combine the.

May 14, 2021
I- I myself, I keep them separate, just so I have individual books... but you can do your own- I have Book of Shadows for every type of magick there is, as well as one for herbs and wands and woods and witchcraft paths- and one thick one for my personal coven > I just joined Spell Casters on here so I can share my knowledge with everyone

Nov 28, 2020
what should i include on a dedication page? im new to witchcraft and i dont want to mess up!

Mar 26, 2021
Sure if you want!

Mar 27, 2021
As WightWizard said, your Book of Shadows [or Grimoire] is your personal journal on your journey. Create it however you feel best. There are no wrong answers in your craft. I have several Books of Shadow, my very first one has a dedication as does my Draconic, but the others I use for specific things and didn't feel they needed dedications. It is good to have something to reflect back on to ground yourself when you feel lost and a dedication is perfect for that.

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