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Name: DeafDragon12
Birthday: Jan 17 2006
Location: Tennessee
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I am a Wicca-in-learning and hope to learn from the best. I am the only Wicca in my family of Christians. You can bet there is a lot of yelling, My safe space is the woods near me where I developed harmony with nature and discovered Wicca. Me and Bthomas22 have been initiated on October 22nd. I have enjoyed my life focusing it on Wicca. I have loved seeing wiccans drive by, as it made me feel connected. I am also BIG on farming so I enrolled in agriscience classes. I joined FFA and became an officer, for 2020-2021, I am a sentinel. In 2020 I won the greenhand degree because I got our school to have 3 stars nationally out of 2.564 schools that do ffa. I included Deaf informations, games, I won fairs, lead more people into joining. I am known for my deafness and my ability to sign and do things really well.