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Of course, you know me. No need for a biography.

  1. My message to everyone on this site:

    • Please use voice typing and ai to make long writings on your posts, and maybe edit those with this site'seditor ( Website Configin Profile Edit Page )

      • So there is bold, italics, and underline that make your posts more readable and beautiful.

      • How could someone read just pure text with no space, no paragraph, no placement?

      • Please make This site'sforum section better by doing that.

    • Those aipromptwill fix any grammar , bold, and numbering in your posts, making them readable

      • And giving better clarity to those long psychological stories in the forum section.

    • Cultivate the habit of reading books that contribute to personal growth.

  2. All my writings on this website are written with passion, care, and attention to detail . None of them are created haphazardly; they are all crafted with extraordinary intention because I consider them artistic.
    • My posts consist of using between 9,630-11,100 characters for created threads and 2,250-3,330 characters for replies.
    • I also use many sources, such as books and websites, for only one post.
    • There are so many questions and conclusions that I make myself from reviewing those books.
    • I may post a created thread only once or twice a month , but I will reply to a few posts if they are in the same category as my studies,
    • of course with sources like books , because maybe no one uses a book and its pages for a source of information.
  3. My study about magic only includes alphabet, symbolism, sigils, squares, patterns, talismans, etymology, language, ancient texts, megaliths, reliefs, geomancy, anatomy, and mapping.
    • It does not include herbalogy (number one thing I dont know) , diamonds and gemstones (dont know), magical items such as wands, candles, knives (really dont understand), religious prayer, or chi or khi force like reiki.
    • In Egyptian mythology, there are two aspects in the left and right of the Eye of Ra : a snake and a bird.
      • I only use the bird aspect and not serpent magical things like super pranic breath or some energy stuff.
  4. Im not a religious person , Im also not a satanist, but I dont choose any religion. I tend to pick up good things from many religious books or esoteric teachings and collect them all to become one super truth.
    • Even though I really like God Shiva or Mahadeva , the only greatest god that has the appearance of a hermit , sometimes even depicted as not wearing any clothes, free from all materialism.
    • And also Thoth , a really super knowledgeable god, not because of the help, but because I appreciate the Virtuous way that Tehuti does things; its just mind-blowing.
    • Goetias are also very intellectual.
  5. The Gospel of Thomas is a legendary text that is some kind of closely related to Bhagavad Gita in Hinduism,
    • as well as Tao Te Ching in Taoism.
    • Lastly, there are the Kybalion and the Emerald Tablet of Thoth.
    • Thats why it is sometimes difficult for people to decode the real meaning of the Gospel of Thomas , because its understanding appears in other sacred texts from different parts of the world

Attachment to the Dualistic nature of material opulenceis thesource of suffering .

  1. Already 100% completed reading books:
    1. Gospel of Thomas, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga sutra, Tao Te Ching, Book of Zhuang Tzu, Kybalion, Emerald Tablet of Thoth, Dharmapada
    2. Initiates of the Flame, Occult Anatomy -Manly P. Hall,
    3. Dictionary of Body Language, What everybody are saying -Joe Navarro
    4. Al-Azif, 1586John Dee Necronomicon (Different Gate Symbol Sigil),
  2. Already 50% completed reading books:
    1. Yantras heavenly Geometries - Govinda das Aghori
    2. Dictionary of occult, hermetic, and Alchemical signs- Fred Getings
    3. Phranic Healing - Choa Kok Sui
    4. Enuma Elish
  3. Only 25% completion:
    1. Book of Philips, Barda Thodol(Tibetian Book of the dead)
    2. Name Word Play and Marduks Fifty Names in Enuma Eli - David Danzig
    3. Daoist Magical talisman - Prof. Jerry Alan Johnshon
    4. Orgone Accumulator Handbook - James De Meo
    5. Book of Thoth, Book of Law, Liber 777- Aleister Crowley
  4. Only 10% completion:
    1. Book of Sun GnosisShams al maarifal buni, The four Vedas,
    2. Enochian Magic for beginers- Donald Tyson
  5. Less than 10% completion:
    1. Tung Shu,