Confidence Spells

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Spell Index => Life Spells => Confidence Spells

These spells build and destory confidence.

Need a boost of confidence to make take that next step? Or is someone too cocky and its time to destroy their confidence for a little while? These spells will help.

However, these spells do come at a price. They must be cast exactly as stated. Any mistakes can destroy what little confidence there is, or worse....

More Free Confidence Spells

Spell for Achievment
Weight loss potion
Wishing for Love
A Calming Chant
Calm Dream Spell
Chakra Meditation
Clarity and Focus
Confidence and Protection
Courage Enchantment
Fearless Spell
Happy Spell
Increase belief
Increasing Confidence
Make Someone Happy
Necromantic Meditation
Softer Skin
Spell to Remove Obstacles
The Magickal Witch
To keep something in memory
Vanilla Anti-Anxiety Spell
A+ Spell
Anger Banishment Spell
Animal communication spell
Aphrodite Body Change
Attraction Potion
Bagging Stress
Be confident overnight
Better Singing (tested)
Bonding spell
Break Writers Block
Calming Chant
Chant to Increase Confidence
Comic Book Adventure
Confidence Spell
Connect to a tree!
Crystal Elixer Oil
Crystal Energy Spell
Dance Spell
Elements spell
Enhancing Confidence
Fates' bracelet
For Study and Concentration
Gain Power spell
Get Your Self Confidence Back
Happiness Spell
Heal a broken heart
Help an addiction go away
Help you Believe
Light feelings invokation
Luck Spell
Magic day
Make a New Friend
Make something happen
Memory Aid
Mermaid in one Day
Nine Flowers Bath
Object of Acception
Power Switching Spell
Protector Summon
Re-inspire yourself
Relaxation Water Potion
Satanic Prayer For Gudiance
Self confidence
Self Esteem
Sending good energy to someone
Simple Blessing
Sing better before 24hours
Smooth Skin
Star accomplishing spell
Summon Shadow Power
Tama speed spell
The Talent Spell
To become a Immortal Warrior
To become popular
To increase focus
To Soften a Heart
Told You
True love spell
Turning Smart Spell
Visualize Meditation
Waterfront Wishing Spell
Wish Come True Spell
Wishing Spell
A Good Choice
Air Inspiration
Be heard by People
Blessing a new home spell
Candle Light
Charm Spell
Confidence Spell
Courage, Wisdom, Power Spell
Curing Depression
Dawning of the soul
Easy Anger Relief
Finding the true you
Getting a Dog Spell
Happiness Bringer
Increase will Power Spell
Letting Go
Life of Peace
Look like Desired Self
Luck spell
Mental pain
New Year Full Moon Spell
Notice Me
Paper-intuition divination
Popularity spell
Prosperity Spell
Purifying Emotions
Remove a Curse Spell
Ring Around the Candle
Self Confidence Spell
Self-Improvement Spell
Singing spell
Skin Care Spell
Some Hope
Spell for Confidence
Spell To Give You Confidence
Sweetener Spells
The Confidence of Love
To Draw Feminine Energy
Truth Spell
Water element enhancement
Winds of Fate
Wish Me Well
Confidence in Social Situations
Spell to Build Confidence / Self-empowerment
To increase spiritual awareness
Give Luck To Others- REALLY WORKS
A Simple Werewolf Transformation Spell
Good Luck Spell for Competitions
No fears spell by Darkangel678 (tested)
Spell to become an energy vampire.
Why Shapeshifting is Real and Belief Scale
Decrease chance of falling while Ice Skating
Spell for Confidence, Charisma, and Happiness
spell to reverse depression
dark pulse
blessing for a school pen
fulfilment spell
more than just friends
popularity spell
relaxing spell
summoning a vamp
werewolf spell
lost soul
luck, health, fit and strong spell
to be the most beautiful person in the world
Visilik's Draught
What I most Desire
Writers Block
Bravery spell
Calming Princess Milk Potion
Choosing a magical name
Clear Skin Mask Spell
Confidence in Your Works
Empower and Ascend
Feel Positive
Honor Your Household Spirits
Increase of Wisdom
Lucky Keepsake
Make your own Horoscope
Overcoming Depression Spell
Spell To Get What You Want
Summoning a Succubus: (3)
To Banish A Fear
Uptown Funk Confidence Spell
A Spell for Self-Esteem
A+ spell
Acoda's Luck Chant
Allure Elixir
Anger Management Spell
Anti-anxiety Spell/Chant
Aphrodite Wish
Awaken the Magick
Be beautiful/handsome
Bend Anything
Binding necklace
Black Opal Charm
Bravery Love Spell
Calm your Spirits
Calming Confidence Spell
Coffee Confidence Spell
Confidence Spell
Confidence Spell
Courage Spell
Crystal Energy Spell
Cutie Mark Spell
Don't Come to Class to Day
Easy Love Spell
Empowerment Spell *tested*
For good grades
Gain a Friendship Back
General Power
Guide to Meditation
Have Faith Spell
Help an Addiction Go Away
Help Chant
Inspiration Spell
Jelly Bean Army!!! XD
Love Perfume
Luckiest person
Magnificent Attraction spell
Make someone happy
Make Yourself More Desirable
Memory Rite
Mood Relief
Nocturnals embrace
Power To You spell
Protection Chant
Quick Calming Chant
Relaxation Spell
Running Speed
See Abundance in all things
Self Confidence Spell
Self Love Spell
Sigil Magick
Simple Mind spell
Sing Better Spell
Speak To Your Reflection
Spell for More Confidence
Stop annoying me.
Summoning a Incubus: (3)
The Dragons Eye
The Think Pink Spell
To become a Spell Master
To call upon Thor: Meditation
To increase one's powers
To spice up your Life
Trade Depression for Ambition
Truth Spell
Uplifting Ritual
Void Meditation
Will of The Gods
Wish Spell (Tested)
Witch's Lucky Candle Spell
A very simple romance spell
Banishing Grief
Beauty Spell
Calming Chant
Change Eye Color Spell
Confidence Spell
Confidence Spell.
Cup of Concentration
Daily devotion to the elements
Dispell Negativity
Easy Forgivness Spell
Fears Image
First Impression Spell
Getting rid of your problems
Greedy Spell
Holy Transformation
Knowing Spell
Liberate yourself
Link your mind with the world.
Love Spell
Luck Spell
Motivation Booster Spell
No more bad Habits
Overcome Fear
Pink Hair Spell
Protection and Guidance Spell
Quickie Love Chant
See into the Future (By Think)
Self Esteem
Self-Purification Spell
Singing voice
Skyclad Spell
Spark of happiness
Spell To Banish Stage Fright
Strengthen your magick
The blood power
The Scholar's Boost! Spell
Truth spell
When In Doubt Look Up
Wisdom Spell
Wish someone a safe travel
Dragon Protection for Beginners
Spells Of Magic chat gag protection spell
Banish the negative energy from your home
How to Meditate- guide meditation
Find out the answer with intuition
Herbal magic to upgrade Magical Powers
Pokemon Fusion Transformation Spell
To have more wisdom for an hour
Youth and Longevity Potion Ritual
Destiny Behold: an invocation of the witch spell by Shadow Star
To bless one with a bout of confidence
control yourself
become a lovely fairy
insperation mode
my body steady my magic ready
protection incantation
self empowerment
weight loss spell
fakirism meditation
control the sun in seconds spell
basically a chant for just finding yourself


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