Purifying Emotions

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • When to cast it: Perform on any evening during a waning moon.
  • Needs:
  • - 1 white candle
  • - Bowl of water
  • - Bowl of salt
  • - Dried sage and a Vessel (Abalone Shell) in which it can be burned.

This spell is intended to bring Inner peace, a smile to your face and the releasing of negative emotions & negative energies.
It will last about a day, more or less, depending on the energy one has put into the spell and the level one has reached in their spell work.
Otherwise if you are a beginner, the spell will manifest the more it is cast.
Personally I adore this spell. :) It has worked delightfully every time for me.

Casting Instructions for 'Purifying Emotions'

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I gather these elements to cleanse any toxicity that may cloud my ability to be in the flow of this cycle.

I release negativity in my fire ( Wave hand over flame of candle)

I release blockages in my earth (rub salt on palms and back of hands)

I clear my own air (Wave the smoldering sage in front of you, going deosil thrice)

And I purify my water (dip hands in water)

I ask that this release be gentle.
I affirm my trust and faith in my own abundant flow.
So Be It. And So It Is

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