Spell To Give You Confidence

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle, preferably red or orange. You may also use a candle in a color that you feel represents you well. Use a larger candle if you have one, so that it will last longer.
  • Something to carve symbols or words into the candle
  • Any uplifting oils or oils to increase confidence, such as cedar, cinnamon, bergamot, basil, eucalyptus, rose geranium, juniper, lemon, orange, rosemary, or sandalwood (optional/if available)
  • Paper and a pen
  • A flame-proof dish

Title Says It All...

Casting Instructions for 'Spell To Give You Confidence'

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Cast a circle. Prepare the candle by carving symbols and/or words that represent the self, strength, and confidence. Carve these all up and down the candle. You may also anoint it with oils, if desired. When anointing the candle, start from the top and bottom of the candle and move inwards toward the center, as you are aiming to draw something into yourself. Light the candle and sit before it, and take a few moments to visualize its light filling you. Write down the word ?confidence? onto a small piece of paper. Hold it up and say:
"By this candle burning bright
And by this chant that I recite
I fill myself with strength and light
New confidence I now?ignite"
Set the paper on fire with the candle?s flame and quickly put it into the flame-proof dish. Imagine yourself as a strong and confident person. Picture yourself in a variety of situations being self-assured and confident. Assert and affirm the change in yourself. You may choose to recite or write down a worded affirmation, such as:
"I?m confident and strong and free, just the way that I should be."
End your ritual and snuff out the candle, and then put it in a safe place. Afterwards, whenever you feel you are lacking self-assurance, you can light the same candle and focus again on instilling yourself with confidence.


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