The Dragons Eye

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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • I-3 drops of your blood from your finger
  • Item you choose to charm, pendant, stone etc…
  • Matches ONLY
  • Belief
  • Sunrise, hopefully colors include red and orange.

This spell insures protection, empowerment, confidence, increase in spirituality, and healing.
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Casting Instructions for 'The Dragons Eye'

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Prick your finger on a pin or needle and drop your blood on the item
When doing so chant this- Hoc sanguinem meum corripiam dracones exi mentis meae. In igne furoris eius inmensa mortem veniet ex hac mea. Custodi me, et vide, quoniam dignus sum ut fiat! (With this blood, i do bind, dragons come out of my mind. Fiery anger, burning death, this will come out of my breath. Protect me, and you will see, that i am worthy so mote it be!)
When the sun peeks over the horizon and that huge flash of light bursts free, light the match. (you can stop chanting after you drop your blood) and put the match up to the blood on your item. Wait until it boils to nothing. Do this step SLOW, you can't have your blood just burn up, watch it start to bubble and go into your charm, this step is VITAL!
When your blood is gone, snuff out the match with the finger you cut, you can lick it so it doesn't burn as much.
The dragon spirits are now with you.

This article was contributed by KittyWik

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