Spell for More Confidence

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A bell/rattle
  • music
  • Your voice

Confidence is important for us to progree and evolve. This spell is designed to give you magnetic confidence by using self affirmations and sound. It was once said that sound was the way to get rid of demons and it was very common to shout when doing banishing work. With this spell we will be tackling some inner demons that block and prohibit our true inner beauty and confidence from showing. This spell should be done on the night of the new moon to signify new beginnings. You should try to do this spell at a time when you will not be disturbed. You will need to choose a short affirmation that best expresses the quality you would like to gain. Here are some sample affirmations that you can re write to suit you needs or use as is; 1.I am a beautiful and confident person. 2.I am cool and calm in every situation. 3.I am very pretty and smart. 4.I never blush around boys I like. As you see the affirmation can be used to change and create whatever qualities that you so desire.

Casting Instructions for 'Spell for More Confidence'

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Once you have your chosen affirmation spend sometime memorizing it. Play the music of your choice to raise your energy. When you are ready and feel your energy is at its peak take your bell and dance with the music. Continue to raise energy with dance and your bell or rattle.

Shout your affirmation and proclaim it to the world. Do this at least three times. You can add candles and incense if you would like too.

Spend sometime every morning and every night looking at yourself in the mirror and reaffirming the affirmation to yourself.

Do this every week as you deem necessary. You can change the affirmations as your grow and move from seeking confidence to maybe another quality you would like to posses.

Affirmations work on many different levels. This spell/ritual is very customizable and earthy, not requiring a lot of tools or correspondences.

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