Self Esteem

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Seven short lengths of cord, about six inches long
  • Seven tea lights
  • Seven small squares of red paper or cloth

This spell uses visualisation, candles, cord and colour, and requires very little effort, though it takes a week to finish. It is a spell that men can do very easily and can see and feel the tangible results. It works on the self esteem and on virility.

Casting Instructions for 'Self Esteem'

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  • On returning from work, place a tea light on -one red square.
  • Surround the tea light by the cord, laying it -on the red square.
  • As you do so say:
This represents me and all I feel myself to be I wish to be [ strong, virile, at ease with myself your choice of words]
  • Let the tealight burn out.
  • Next morning knot both ends of the cord -saying as you do:

This cord carries my intent to be

[your choice of words]

  • Carry the cord with you and when you need to, -remind yourself during the day of your intent.
  • Repeat the procedure for seven nights using -the same words and either the same intent or-another which feels more appropriate.
  • Repeat the same procedure as the first -morning also.
  • At the end of the seven days either tie the -cords together in one loop (end to end) or tie -them so they form a tassel.
  • Either way hang them by your mirror where -you cannot fail to see them.
  • Each morning for about six weeks choose -which affirmation you wish to use that day -and make sure you have acted accordingly.

This spell has a long term effect on your personality.Each time you make the morning affirmation you are-calling on the power of the whole to assist you in being-the sort of person you want to be. Any behaviour-which does not fit that image, soon drops away.


This article was contributed by Angelina_20

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