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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • Patience

A simple guide for meditation. One of the major fundamental basics in magick.

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Everyone has different methods of meditating. Some people listen to relaxation music to get into the mood. Others just prefer to meditate in silence. Each person believes different things about meditation. Some believe that the aim is to clear their minds of any distracting thoughts and relax. Others believe the goal is purely relaxation, despite whatever thoughts a they may be having.?

There is no right or wrong way. Choose whatever you believe to be best for you.?

To start meditation, you can either sit down in a comfortable position or lay down. Whatever is comfortable for you. It is advisable that before starting, you should be well rested and wearing comfortable clothes.?Although not entirely necessary, it ensures a good meditation experience.

After you sit or lay down, take a deep and relaxing breath, holding it and releasing it at what rate you feel comfortable.?

Close your eyes and let go of all your worries and any distracting thoughts. Focus on how relaxed you are becoming. As you take each breath in, you become more relaxed and at peace. As you exhale, you let go of all your worries and other unnecessary thoughts. While concentrating at how relaxing your breathing is becoming, you should also focus on the parts of your body. Concentrate on each part-you can either start from your toes or your head- and imagine that the tension is getting loose, allowing each part of your body to relax.?

When you have relaxed all parts of your body, imagine that you are at peace. Imagine the tranquility of your body. Don't forget to focus on your breathing.?

After meditating, you should get up slowly.

-If you need further help, you should search for guided meditation audio tracks. You can search in YouTube.-

Enjoy and blessed be!?


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